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Ofcourse you all heard about milliondollarhomepage. Ok, I'm working on something similar but for local use in my country.
I need a Website design, Logo design and billboard/flyer design.

1- Website design (No Coding Required):
The design of this site is so simply as you know, as there are not much graphics.
I want an attractive and very professional web design that users will not get bored when they surf the site.
You will have to provide 3 pages for this design. (Home page, Buy now page, and another subpage for example contact us).
The buy now page should be very clear and attractive.
Here is the script and layout I'm using:
As you see the header has a logo on the left and links on the right. (I want to remove all the links on the right and place the benefits of the website with the phone number to call).

2- Logo:
The logo should be VERY eye catching, professional and not complicated. is the logo with the slogan "Your lifetime online ad".
I need it very clear and attractive, I'm going to use it in public on billboards and flyers.

3- Billboards/Flyers:
I want a VERY EYE CATCHING billboard design and very creative that attracts you on the road and force you to read it!
the billboard should includes:
- Logo with the slogan.
- Text: Stop paying for monthly ads! Pay once, advertise forever!
- the link of the website in a very huge font
- Contact details: Limited Time! Limited Space! (phone number)
Again the billboard should be VERY attractive and creative!
Billboard size will be 4*3 but I want the designer to be able to make it in another size if I requested that (he will just need to change the dimensions).

Flyer design will be similar to the billboard but it has more text only. A5 size

PS: Please I want a very professional work from you guys, the prize is good and the web design is so simple and I preferred to have it all in one package so you work on everything and have one idea.
As for the colors, I'm not sure what is the best, you choose the best! I want something not complicated, very professional and very clean and attractive.

Thank you so much and goodluck!

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  • DayaTrading , the log will need to be in its' own contest as well as the flyer. The website contest would be for the home page with the brief being specif about remaining pages that will be required to be completed by the winning designer before payment is released. Also it needs to be very clear if you require coding for the website design Please contact us through the help desk if you need any help Sharie