White Rabbit Frozen Yogurt

Awesome everytime. I needed some extra time for my contest and they let me have it! Great doing business with you guys.

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Winning design #40 by erkou, Graphic Design for White Rabbit Frozen Yogurt Contest
Gold Medal

designed by erkou

Project description

Project description We have a self-serve frozen yogurt store where we are looking to put a wall design. Our Store is called "White Rabbit Frozen Yogurt". Check out our website – www.whiterabbitfrozenyogurt.com The theme for this art we are looking for is - (a) Airplane or a scene in the skies maybe bunnies jumping between clouds, maybe an airplane with one of the bunnies in it. I'm thinking airy, fluffy clean but friendly colors. (b) want to see the Candyland theme come through as well (b) Also want Fruits (example – Strawberry parachute, pineapples, bananas, blueberries etc) and (c) Frozen yogurt. Anything that is fun and fresh, - Put our logo in the picture (our logo is the yogurt cup inside the bubble see attached picture), example logo as a house. - Somewhere on the art have it say "white rabbit frozen yogurt". White Rabbit Font is rabbit ears and frozen yogurt font it - geosanslight - I have attached the rabbit we use, we want all the four rabbits in the picture, make them do different things if you want, (example: have one of them flying, eating etc) - We want bright colours so kids like it and make it cute and fun. Swimming in the clouds, jumping, dancing, to give you some idea. - Maybe a rabbit in an airplane Dimensions: 83.5' by 59' (Landscape) -Format - .EPS and .ai It is going to printed on to a wall If you have any questions please ask us! :) Get creative!

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  • Feel free to give feedback on my design #1. Thanks in advance.
    • . Your design is AMAZING! No point for anyone else to even TRY! Well done:)

    • Thanks a lot! Hope you will have a lot of fun with it!

  • Hi thanks, for the submission. I like how the concept is totally different from the others and what we've previously had. It is too much brown. We want it to be more colorful. I just revised the description on what we are looking for. I was thinking of a concept in the skies in the clouds, maybe a an airplane with one of the bunnies in it. Bunnies jumping between clouds, I'm thinking airy, fluffy clean but friendly colors.
    • Hi whiterabbitfroz, thank you for your valuable feedback.. Here #8 for color revise and #9 for alternate concept.. Hope it will meet your expectation.. Glad to hear any feedback again.. Regards, Erkou

  • thank you for your submission. This design looks very fimilar to the other two pictures we have already. We want some new art. an idea can be building on maybe a sky screne where our bunnies are in a plane or flying and enjoying their yogurt. Too much green space. Our other two art already has that. building in the plane idea.
  • Thanks for your submission. I want the new wall art to looek di fferent from our previous design. Here is some feedback: - the colors are a but dull, brighten theme like our rabbits flying in the air having yogurt. - moving away from the green landscape we already have that in the other previous pitures. - also we stay true to our brand and our logo colors should stay the same. - Perhaps a th
  • Thanks for the work here is some feedback: - We don't have ice-cream cones, we have yogurt cups only - There is a lot of pink, I want to see other bright colours as well - we don 't have grapes and watermelons at our store for toppings, replace them with either blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries - there are lots of lolly-pops can you put different types of candy like gummy bears, M&Ms, Oreo Cookies, Marshmallows, sprinkles, Frosted Animal Crackers etc. - the bottom white rabbit sign, I want the edges to be rounded - Green yogurt swirl is too green, use this green colour - GREEN: - 7FED43 - rgb - 127-237-67 - hsv - 99-72-93 
    • Hi whiterabbitfroz, here #13 my revise per your request.. I add some idea like candy wheel and Frosted Animal Crackers Carousel.. If you still need some revise again.. feel free to direct me again... Thanks, Regards, Erkou

  • Thank you for your submission. I love the way you've done the sky. We don't have grapes at our store, we have toppings like strawberries, bluberries, blackberries, raspberries, we don't have oranges either or donuts. - the yogurt swirls are a little sloppy, if you can make them more perfect. - Also make the picture more in the clouds. Get more activities in there. See comments I've left for other submission to get more ideas. I really like where you are going but would like to see more activities. I've changed the brief a bit as well about a week ago. I want an image in the clouds or sky because I already have couple of a ground pictures. Thanks! A
  • This should be new...=) An Island Vacation... Who wouldn't wanna eat healthy frozen yogurt on a hot summer day scene? Just a suggestion...=) Let me know what you think before I continue working so I can put details on it. If not, Then I'll make another scenery...) I already made fruits and almost all Items on your webpage menu so it will be easy for me now to arrange the fruits, candies, pies, yogurts, drinks. etc.
  • Hi aljeanrey1986, I really like your creativity. We live in a really cold area and the beach theme won't work as well. I want to see more work from you. You have the right idea but if you can do an design in the clouds. Love the Sunglasses! so cute.
    • |--|

      whiterabbitfroz {*wrote*}:
      Hi aljeanrey1986, I really like your creativity. We live in a really cold area and the beach theme won't work as well. I want to see more work from you. You have the right idea but if you can do an design in the clouds. Love the Sunglasses! so cute.
      |--| Submitted the revised work in #26. Hope I still made it.

    • In entry #28, I made the other bunny purple and the sky darker. Thanks! I separated all the fruits and spread on the clouds. I think it's all there. made them all individually from scratch. The only clipart I used are your bunnies. Thanks!

  • Hi Eva, My feedback would be make it more cartoony and cute. We are a frozen yogurt shop so kids love looking at the art. More activities woul help. Thanks for your submission. I don't like the idea of showing the bottom of the floating island. Also More colour.
  • Hi again, its a lot of brown. We are going to blow this design up on the wall. So it will be too much brown. If you can have a review of the brief again and see what you can do. We are looking to purchase more than one art.
  • Hi Erkou, Few adjustment I would like to see is, - The Yogurt cup on the left can you make it Orange instead of green. - Two things about the sun glasses (1) can you make them more rounder. Have a look at an entry by aljeanrey1986. I like the sunglasses she has. (2) Can you have sunglasses on the pink rabbit in the front left. And remove the sunglasses from one of the rabbits on the airplane.
  • Can you put sun-glasses on one of the rabbits. There are three green rabbit in a row on the right hand side can you change the colors of one of the rabbits or two. Also on the top right the pink and the white rabbit are overlapping can you space them out.
    • here #14, revised per your request.. If you still need more , I'll be glad to hear Thank you erkou

  • Can you make the orange colour darkers on the cup.
    • Hi whiterabbitfroz, Here #32 with darkers orange colour.. If you still need help, I'll be glad to hear.. Thank You

  • - Can you change the banana car and make it out of a cookie instead. We don't have bananas at our store. - Please remove the yellow bunny in the front that is half in the bubble. - Maybe put a bunny on the top left hand side. - Also the left top side is a bit cluttered. Can you remove a few things or space them out a bit more. - Can you do something different instead of the beach towel. It looks like the bunny is having a drink (we are a kids place) so don't want them drinking. - Also on the top right side can you space out the candy a bit so it is not cluttered.
    • I hope #30 or #31 is looking more better. The contest is almost closed... Good Luck CH!

  • Hi Poncho - Can you make the car/boat of cookies or something I don't like the banana boat. - instead of an airplane made out of paper can you make an actual airplane - We don't like upside down bunnies, please remove the yellow one and the pink one sideways on the swirl. - I like this submission best, no chocolate splatter, and I like the way the rainbow is in this one. - Can you add more color on the ground, See the other submissions, it adds more perspective - I like the lighter sky - We don't really like peek-a-bow bunnies
  • Hi will you be submitting more work? We are looking to purchase more than one art. I like what you started but want to see more creativity.
    • Number #20 is the same than the one you chose #24 but the rainbow passes behind the clouds, I was wondering if you noticed the slight difference. Let me know if you need the colors of the rabbits to be modified.

  • Hi, whiterabbitfroz please check #16 for new adjustment.. If you still need more feel free to telling me.. Thank you Erkou
  • Check my #15 and #25, Just made a fast modification from sea to fluffy colored clouds. Let me know If I'm going the right direction the way you really wanted... Thanks!
  • Also - can you check out the art work from ponchosqueal I really like how he has the sky. It gives it more perspective.
    • Just let me see how I can make the clouds work with all the things I have already made. Thanks for the feedback

  • Love the colours. but it is too similar to our previous work we already have.