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Winning design #45 by KawaiiGirl24, Graphic Design for Wine Label Design Contest
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designed by KawaiiGirl24

Project description

We need a label design for our new wine label "Experimental Vintners of Tomorrow". This is medium priced wine that will come in number of varieties. We would like for submitted labels to adhere to COLA standards but creative designers should not be discouraged from submitting proposals even if they are unfamiliar with COLA labeling rules; we can modify the labels for regulatory reasons. We do not want to stifle any creativity. Please submit your designs in a format that would allow us change / add necessary fields to the label if needed.

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  • About #28 This is playing with the globe idea as a wine barrel. Thanks!
  • This is a very nice design, however not sure it communicates "vintners of tomorrow"
  • Hi! Is it possible to make your design a bit more 'modern"? Not sure about the color as well. Would like to see a revision. Thank you!
  • Designers, If you could incorporate "the Globe" in to the EVOT spelling, we would like to see your ideas. Thank you!
  • Hi, We like the "grape molecule" concept “ Is it possible to submit more variations of this idea? Thank you
  • aris amin, Believe we are looking for a modern concept, but not too modern as when it comes to wine, consumers tend to lean towards classics. I guess we are trying to shoot for the middle ground. Hope it helps!
  • Dear mitri, believe this is too simple. If you have a different design ideas please submit.
  • Dear Contest Holder, This design is an alternative to design #23. Please let me know what you think! Sincerely, Claunch Design Studio
  • Dear Contest Holder, This design is an edited version of my previous submission, design #1. Also, I would like to know if you are looking for a more vintage style for your label or a more modern style. Please let me know if you would like to see any changes! Sincerely, Claunch Design Studio
  • #19 and #20 Dear CH, Please check my design concept, #20 attached to the black bottle. Any revision will be done. thanks
  • Dear CH, i'm trying to connect your sample to the wine label design..i hope you could give a hint about how you want to incorporate the sample to the wine label design that you want to see. thank you. i'm really eager tp be part of your product's success.
  • About #12 Again using experimental. This is a "test tube champagne glass". Thanks!
  • Organicgrapes, My focus was on the experimental part of your brand. The graphic is a "grape molecule." I envision the colors of the grapes changing depending on the wine. I think this design would look stunning printed on a pressure sensitive clear vinyl label, so the color of the bottle is the background. When I frequent a wine store the more modern designs always stand out to me. I want your brand to stand out too. Thanks. Any feedback is appreciated.
  • Designers! please use Epcot logo as a guideline. Thank you!
  • #2 is removed for violating the DC guidelines.
  • A circular label which covers the botttle, EVOT is emphasized, If you are interested in this concept I can add few more elements to the design. Thank You
  • Can not see entry #2. Why?
  • believe this is not right direction. Please submit different design. Thank you.
  • Dear Designers, There is no specific name for the wine except our company name. This wine will come in both red and white verities so please feel free to design label for ether one. Perhaps the key to this is to communicate/depict the concept of "Experimental Vintners". This is just an idea. As we mention - we don't want to stifle your creativity. We will try to comment on every entry so you could have a better understanding which direction to move. Thank you!
  • We like how you displayed E.V.O.T.