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MailArchiva is an enterprise software product offering email archiving, e-discovery and compliance. The front page of the site needs three full page replacement graphics. Upon entry to the site, a graphic is randomly selected for full page display. The three graphics ought to represent archiving, e-discovery and compliance, respectively. They can be still photos, illustrations, or just about anything. Our hope that they will be thought provoking, clever, original  and inspirational. They should set the tone for the rest of the site.  See: http://www.mailarchiva.com front page. You'll notice the full page spread. We are presently using stock photos as a placeholder.

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  • hii there, I submited some idea to your 3 image of landing page website.. all stocks I used is free stock with attribution
    any feedback to improve are appreciated, thanks
  • I hope I understood this right now.. I have designed a very nice "splash screen" / "landing-page" for you.
    Let me know if I should add or remove elements or/and continue with more examples of content.

    Take care =) #2
  • About #1, @RAHUD
    What do you want??
  • First Entry...make me win #1