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Project description

1 page marketing editorial in local magazine.  The format is "Ask the Expert" .  The top half of the page is specifically formatted for 3 pictures, 1 longer space & 2 smaller spaces.  The bottom half of the page will be text, Q&A for Dr Zochowski.  This will be published in October issue.  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so our theme is breast reconstruction.  Dr Zochowski is a plastic surgeon and breast reconstruction is one of his specialties. 

I would like to use a custom graphic design at the top of the page instead of a picture.  I would like this graphic design to incorporate our brand logo and a breast cancer themed design that conveys that we partner with our breast cancer patients to restore some of what breast cancer has taken from them...  kind of like "it takes a village" to fight breast cancer.   I would like the design to be versatile, to be used in print & social media & our website, maybe even t-shirts.  We would love to be able to re-use this design every October.

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  • Por favor , avalie minha arte ( #39 ), e me direcione a conclusão dessa arte. Obrigado
    • @marcos.soudaluz Se você preferir uma arte com mais detalhes, me responda que farei as alterações. obrigado

  • Photo image in graphic example. #37
  • About #34, @Phouii can see photo image can be incorporated into the graphic banner if needed.
  • Top section is all graphics no photo image, however photo image can be placed in too. #35
  • Sir, I hope you like it #31
  • Design revised. Any remarks please let me know. #30
  • haii ..
    this is my simple logo for your business..
    i think logo must be simple for rememberable and easy know about the purpose
    but i can more explore your logos after this contest .,,, and make it on tshirt , card name and etc
    regard #28
  • Design revised. #27
  • Hi CH,

    I have submitted my 1st design in your contest.

    Please rate this design and feel free to let me know the required changes
    you want in this design.

    So that your design expectation can be met.


    Regards/WebStar #26
  • Dear
    here is my vision
    If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact me.
    We are looking forward to your suggestions!
    All the best...
  • Dear
    here is my vision
    If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact me.
    We are looking forward to your suggestions!
    All the best... #17
  • More simple and clean. #15
  • The middle section are placeholders for either text or images #14
  • Hello, @heidirios using image of you and your team (conveying the theme of "togetherness" for Breast Cancer Care. #13
  • I really like this design. For this project, I only need a design for the top box (I will get the exact dimensions ASAP). The publication is very strict about the art I can submit. The file requirements are:
    *PDF or EPS file.
    *embed all art
    *all art must be minimum 300dpi
    *Convert color art to CMYK (No RGB index or Pantone color)
    *Convert black and white to greyscale
    *Needs a border, will not be floated

    • @heidirios sure no problems I can provide any of those file formats, having the exact dimensions would be great!

  • Can you find an image that is a bit more wholesome? #10
    • @heidirios hi for all 3 images?

    • @heidirios the two bottom pics are placeholders but can find another for the top one thank you.

  • I would like it to say
    "Together for Breast Cancer Care" #10
  • Dear Heidirios, please review my design and let know any additional item or design changes are required. Thanks. #11
  • Hello ch, please check my design let know i am right direction. thanks #1
  • I would like our logo ( attached to project brief) , the breast cancer ribbon in some form, something that would represent our partnership in the breast cancer patients journey to restore their form & self confidence.... maybe holding hands or shapes that represent a shared journey or shared support.