A Leprechaun's Backyard

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The design HAS to be done specifically for this contest, PLEASE do not submit any of your old work and try to pass it off as something you've just done. This is for fun.

Remember to try and keep it around 640X480pxls. The site will resize it but sometimes images just get to big, so lets help the site by trying to keep it as close to the size as possible. We also like to use JPG files, so if you try to upload a AI or EPS or PSP or whatever it might not work.

You get to keep all the rights to the image you've created for this contest and are free to use it for  any other future projects that need an image of this subject.


The winner will be determined by a voting poll that is open to all registered members of the Design Contest community. I'm certain that the members will judge the creativity, the drawing skills and your sense of humor or evil tendency’s. Just as always the winner will be receiving one of our awesome DC T-shirts from our store and will move one step closer to enrollment to the EDC (Elite Design Team).

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  • Humm i dont know what did i say wrong but i really think that #1635 its spectacular! I'll get my t-shirt someday :D Im here to stay :p
  • ZukiH, these community contests are mostly practice to hone in on skills, experiment, learn to read and determine what the contest holder might want (read the ch's mind, lol) winning in these contests are fun and you get a DC tshirt. Illustration contests are a bit more indepth, lower entries and take some planning and different thought process than logo contests. Have fun and hope to see more of your entries
  • @ZukiH- Hi buddy..I dont know if you really meant what you last commented or not.. but I never felt competitions are solely to win out.. they are more of 'try it and fight it out' things.. and i would personally like to see more designs in here.. coz it will giv me scope to learn things.. I wish you will be showing us your concept.. and thanks for your compliment..have a nice time..
  • I give up lol. This will win for sure :p Its spectacular!
  • Coy
    nice designs..#1635 is probably my favorite
  • Amazing one! Really great job!
  • The green bar is for the new rating system. It allows the contest holder to give a percentage rating the design they are looking at. The new system also allows the contest holder to choose wrong direction (that eliminates that entry) or choose needs work, would like to see a revision on the entry. Comunity contests are not only fun and practice for designers but fun and practice for contest holders, admins and moderators.
  • I understand your idea here but I think it went the wrong direction. This is a backyard illustration. I like the fence and tree. The leprechaun is good but his face is almost too light compared to the rest of the body and the illustration. Not sure if it is intentional or not but there is a face in the other land mass. As I said I don't think your illustration is bad I think it just went the wrong direction.
  • Davide, I very much like your innovativeness on the given Leprechaun concept.. Your Patrol Man is really cute and to me looks really sharp-eyed..!! hehehe!! Nice work..
  • And yes.. I forgot to ask you one more thing.. can you please remove my first posted image.. #1634. thanks again..
  • Hey Sharie.. I have one question.. what is new stripped bar style under the images for?? I can recall it was not there when the Bloodless Energy Drink Label contest was on.. Can you please tell me. Thank you.
  • I am glad that you like the tree..! Sure, I wont ever mind your using the idea for your works..
  • I love that spiral tree it inspires me, hope you don't mind if I take this idea with me for other works. Thanks.
  • thanks Brandy and Sharie for your views and comments.. I wont hide that I am learning so many bits from all you people about designing and all.. thanks a lot.
  • #1635 WOW! Fantastic detail! My favorite part is the sky - I know it's just a small part of the overall image, but it shows movement and life in a subtle way. Of course, the rest of the illustration is very well done, too. Great entry!!
  • I know it doesn't seem much when moving it but if you look at the two side by side and slide your mouse over the revised version then back over the the original, you see the change is quite a bit. Just my opinion I think the change makes it more balanced. It can be hard to decide what is important in the illustration sometimes. for example in this revised version is the loss of a mushroom and some roots more important to the illustration or nice flow and little better balance. Some may look at this and think not much changed and that is ok, it all boils down to what it is you like, the artist and I am here just to offer an opinion and mayby a tiny bit of guidance. I look at the changes as a good change, the tree isn't too crowded and there are still plenty of mushrooms throughout the illustration
  • Sharie, No offense ever taken. I agree with you about the symmetry of the grass. I never even thought of it that way, Thank you for pointing it out. Please continue critiquing our work, it only builds us as designers. Once again Thank you.
  • Thanks Sharie..At one point I also did have a thought about shifting the position of the Leprechaun n' the table towards right a bit but had decided to go with this position and see if i would get any comment on this. I will do the adjustments and post the modified illustration soon.. and once again thanks for your views..
  • I think anyone that uses photshop and illustrator does what you have done. Easy fast way to make grass for sure! I was just meaning the "feel" of this illustration. Maybe vary the grass a little and change a petal to get that symetric look to not look like a clipart feel maybe. I sometimes don't word what I want to say the right way. I still like how the sun and clouds look like eggs sunny side up, very creative idea
  • I love this. Wonderful details and the perspective is just right. The old gnarly tree is perfect. I can see this as a Leprechaun's backyard. The whole composition is wonderful. You have put a great deal of time and thought into this illustration.There are tons of things to see in this illustration from the dnarly tree to the fence in the background and windmill, well I can keep going on on. Great job and glad you entered this illustration. If I had to have a nit pick about this..I would have off centered the the Leprechaun and table just a tiny bit maybe a bit to the viewers right. I'm a painter so the composition part of me tends to take over and look for balance and what guides the eye through out the illustration. Like I said if I had to have a nit pick.