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As I've mentioned above, you can use the tools of your choice, a graphic tablet or just paper and pencil. You can even do a vector or 3D rendering of your Easter Egg Design if you like. resized to 640x480px. You keep all the rights for the image and you are free to use it for any future projects even if you win the contest. The only thing that we request is that the Easter Egg Design  you submit here is done specifically for this contest and not an old work of yours.

The winner will be determined by the poll open to all registered members of the DC community. I am sure that the members will judge the creativity, the drawing skills and your sense of humor. Just as usual, the winner of this contest will receive a DC t-shirt from our store and will move one step closer to enrollment to the Elite Design Team.

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  • hahaha..nice =D
  • bkheer elhamdolelah :) fine thank u Ron XD thanks for ur kind opinion
  • Kaifa Haluki? Haha. Saw you were from egypt . . . great concept!
  • @ Anan: how about pink maybe or another light/cute color..i agree with sharie gray is kinda sad color (for me) good luck :)
  • Thanks for your comments, Sharie. I see what you mean about the egg. I wanted it to look like the peep was breaking out of the egg like a real chick would from the inside, and I just did the stripes because Easter's usually so multi-color! Thanks again!
  • I wanted to remind everyone that "you" our members will vote on the winner when this contest goes to poll voting at the end of the contest. My ratings are for me and my opinions...so rember to vote for your favorite egg!!
  • Not bad for tossing it together. I know people like peeps but I can't stand eating those things LOL Cute. I didn't realize the the egg was chocolate until I saw the writing. I think if this egg was choco then the edges wouldn't be be sharp like a real egg, maybe rounded like the way choco breaks? The text above seems out of place with the color stripes maybe if the text was a solid color?
  • This has an erie look and feel but in a cool way. I haven't seen the movie, only the tv comercials on avatar. Like the grass around it not sure about the moon though. I think the moon is just a little distracting
  • I agree cute but the color almost brings the mood down...I know bunnies are grey but for easter a bunny can be any color
  • This could be the beginning designs for a short humpty dumpty pixar type movie. Really good.
  • That's really a cute one.
  • awww an angel edd. Without the wings it looks like a bunch of pencils, if there was black at the bottom for the led. Original and cute.
  • @Stev27: Thanks ;)
  • simple... but good looking. i like this
  • This would make a great looking egg in the real world. Maybe with just a smile added. :)
  • @ like an angel: thanks ;) any suggestion in color that might works?
  • very cute ^_^.. i just wonder how it would look in another color!!
  • A furry looking egg indeed! My only nitpik is I wish I could see the text on the same plain rather than staggered. Still, one of my favorites!
  • So that's what they mean by "a bad egg"! Very clever and well done. A complete scene is a great bonus to see for this contest.
  • I love seeing the use of zippers in all forms of design and this is no exception. A true "coat" for your chocolate!