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For logo, what I have in my head is an image of a toddler sporting oversized glasses (boy or girl... I don't know which is more captivating?!) sitting in an over-sized chair at an oversized old-fashioned school desk (the kind that has a slanted writing surface and can be opened by lifting the top of the writing surface), busily writing away with an oversized plume. Perhaps a camera nearby. This logo is an artistic project. The product is aimed at parents. ** OPEN TO OTHER IDEAS/SUGGESTIONS

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  • Thanks alot for the feedback..through the details u gave i figure it's not what u are looking for..but hey i can always try again :)..i've just submitted a final entry hope to see what u think & if it needs work plz let me know!!
  • oh! sorry about de double P hehe, Id like to know what kind of font you want for the company name, more professional or more child orinted.?
  • Comments and feedback would be appreciated... Thanks!
  • 1) Can we make the hair bow more of a raspberry color so it will pop more? 2) Can you put a little hair on the sides of her head? 3) the upper body just below the head needs to be filled in... any ideas? Pink top with collar? 4) I'm not seeing the shuffled paper very well - can they be outlined in black? 5) How about putting 3 or 4 little photographs on the front of the desk (attached by thumbtack) of the little girls - the idea is that she will be using them in her story. The photos can be placed in a slanted fashion - not all in a straight line. Thanks!
  • This is really cute. I like the idea of writing in a book. Not really crazy about the font for the company name, though. Also it's Once UPON with only one P.
  • I've tried to post revisions but it keeps bouncing back to blank... I'll try again shortly.
  • cute but we're going with something else. Thanks for submitting.
  • Thanks but I'm going in another direction.
  • I just posted a comment for you but I'm not sure it went through. So am reposting. This is looking great! Can you make it look as though there are scattered papers on the desk by showing some tops of pages on the top of the desk? Also, I think I'd like it to be a girl - could you add a big pink bow (vibrant in color on the head - but not so big that it detracts from the plume. Could you also make the bangs straight across the forehead? And make the blue of the shoes the same vibrant pink as the bow? Thanks!
  • Not the direction I'm going in but thanks for trying. The toddler is not the wholesome-looking type I was looking for.
  • The polaroid is very clever but I'm not sure I want so much black in the logo. Also, could you give the toddler a little more hair?
  • I see. I didn't know about the 3D restriction.
  • I don't understand what happened here. I got reported for an infraction. If that happened only for #2003, I would have guessed someone was trying to help me remove my incorrect submission, but both of mine were removed and now I have a penalty on my account.
  • 3d programs not allowed in logo contests. All logos are to be in vector file format
  • Using 3d program not allowed. All logos have to be in vector file format
  • This was the wrong version. I'm new to this site and don't know how to retract it.