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Now on to the Rules/How To’s and what not’s of the Community Contests..


The design HAS to be done specifically for this contest, PLEASE do not submit any of your old work and try to pass it off as something you’ve just done. This is for fun.


Now we don’t wanna see any photo manipulated art work of an image that you can Google over the net. So start from scratch using whatever medium your comfortable with like pencil and paper, graphic tablet or your mouse and Illustrator/Photoshop. Just remember to try and keep it around 640X480pxls. The site will resize it but sometimes images just get to big, so lets help the site by trying to keep it as close to the size as possible. We also like to use JPG files, so if you try to upload a AI or EPS or PSP or whatever it might not work.

You get to keep all the rights to the image you’ve created for this contest and are free to use it for your holiday cards if you want or any other future projects that need an image of this subject.


The winner will be determined by a voting poll that is open to all registered members of the Design Contest community. I’m certain that the members will judge the creativity, the drawing skills and your sense of humor or evil tendency’s. Just as always the winner will be receiving one of our awesome DC t-shirts from our store and will move one step closer to enrollment to the EDC (Elite Design Team).

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  • Nice work...
  • I love it,it remembers me to Fable:The lost chapters game...nice one!
  • #670 and #671 -- very strong evil 'feel' here ...def. monster + evilnesssssss .......
  • awesome evil Santa! I love the cookies on the floor, great attention to detail!
  • ce creepy ba
  • Yep, my entry number is perfect for this contest! HAHA
  • Bad Santa, you are bad, bad, bad Santa! by the way, I have just noticed the number of your entry - it explains it all...
  • this Santa is actually sort of cute I like him!
  • hi... hope you like my evil santa... cute and evil...
  • I would like to use 667 Terrorist santa as my final submission for the compettition Slug Santa was alright but I felt that the my evil santa idea needed improving
  • I have never thought of santa as a viking or a santa with a black beard. Does he ho ho ho
  • are all the eyes the naughty kids? Never would have thought of a slug as a santa, I;m with coy but I tink I'll just need to leave out the salt trail
  • oh now this guy just needs a head stompin for scarin the little kid, just send the monster santa in a box to misfit ils. those toys will stomp him
  • LOL now that is just bad and he is even sticking around to see the big stompin
  • oohh it's alive..this one is a bit creepy, this one could give an angel nightmares
  • Coy
    #665 - nice zombie-esc santa. :D
  • I don´t follow the serie so much...just the firsts numbers...once upon I was reading Lobo,from Bisley...
  • Violator has a clown disguise-I meant that version of Violator as drawn in the comics...
  • fieldgunner,654 isn´t like violator.Really is an Spawn...Violator was a horrible monster with enormous jaws,as I remember...
  • Very Violator from Spawn