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The design HAS to be done specifically for this contest, PLEASE do not submit any of your old work and try to pass it off as something you’ve just done. This is for fun.

Now we don’t want to see any photo manipulated art work of an image that you can Google over the net. So start from scratch using whatever medium your comfortable with like pencil and paper, graphic tablet or your mouse and Illustrator/Photoshop. Just remember to try and keep it around 640X480pxls. The site will resize it but sometimes images just get to big, so lets help the site by trying to keep it as close to the size as possible. We also like to use JPG files, so if you try to upload a AI or EPS or PSP or whatever it might not work.

You get to keep all the rights to the image you’ve created for this contest and are free to use it for your holiday cards if you want or any other future projects that need an image of this subject.


The winner will be determined by a voting poll that is open to all registered members of the Design Contest community. I’m certain that the members will judge the creativity, the drawing skills and your sense of humor or evil tendency’s. Just as always the winner will be receiving one of our awesome DC t-shirts from our store and will move one step closer to enrollment to the EDC (Elite Design Team).

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  • love the humor! Very cool design.
  • like the entry! lots of action is going on!
  • Hey Sharie! Yeah, posted to soon! I have to start reading those rules IN DETAIL haha ;) Sorry, you may delete please! And thats a compliment btw, but i cannot blender this realistic (yet, haha!)
  • Thank you! I am glad that you were able to recognize that they were strawberries, my wife thought they were peppers when I first drew them! This site is a great idea. I am fairly new to graphic design and having a theme and a time-line is a great way to learn and challenge one's designs!
  • HAHA! Love the single tooth underbite! This is the reason I don't go to farms.
  • I love the strawberry running off the page at the bottom center. Too funny!
  • I did not use a photo, I used a watercolor brush stroke on the stroke area of an ellipse and then added drop-shadows to create the look of layers. I see what you mean about the onions, I got carried away with the brush stroke effects and the drop-shadows to create a 3D effect. Thank you for comments!
  • Your concept idea here is pretty good. The Onion greens look alot like cut and paste, are they from a photo? Just personal taste on this but I would like to see the onion more in the illustration and not have a "placed look to them. Funny though because some onions can be VERY bad. We have Walla Walla Sweets here, I love to cook with them
  • LOL this is an evel monster from Green acres (remember that tv show...Green acres) Just need a pig in this now LOL
  • Hey Alex is this a blender creation or a photo put together. If A photo then it can't be an entry. The work itself is great just like all your other blender works. I get the message, not what I was thinking in a garden but in some parts of the world I can see how this would be a toxic garden with the land so full of toxins
  • Nice perspective and texture idea! Less is more! Nice!
  • You can create any type of image you want EXCEPT photo manipulation
  • Then last image posted isn´t correct? Or if I made a pic could then use it?
  • no photo manipulation
  • Could we use photomanipulation to make it?
  • I love the vignette i dont know why jajajajaj :D i dont understand 677
  • LOL an octoslime. This is quite nice except your vignette is way too much, it takes away from your very creative illustration.
  • This would not be something you would want to find in your garden. Can yu imagine hoeing or rototilling your garden this thing could do a little damage. I like this but...the thing that distracts my eye is the grass that has been cloned, there is no variation and for that takes away for the creation here. Otherwise this is quite nice. I almost forgot are these gourmet snails?
  • LOL I was wondering if something this would show up. I was thinking human heads growing out of the ground but hey this works better lol..
  • #672 - original and fun concept #673 - this one says "hey! monsters can be cute too! and who says monsters dont eat fruits!" kewl concept as well! #674 - now this one made me laugh, this monster must be well organized with its victims! -- hahahahhahahahaha!!! this monster took the time to categorize his garden of dead-bodies! LOL! still - liking the concept behind the work! - hahahaha - hilarious!