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You can use the tools of your choice, a graphic tablet, monitor and mouse or just paper and pencil. You can even do a vector rendering of your Poor Sport if you like. The image that you upload will be automatically resized to 640x480px but your best results happen when you go ahead and size your design 640x4802 pixels. You are do not have to use the official DC canvas in this contest. You keep all the rights for the image and you are free to use it for any future projects even if you win the contest. The only thing that we request is that the Poor Sport you submit here is done specifically for this contest and not an old work of yours.



The winner will be determined by the poll open to all registered members of the DC community. I am sure that the members will judge the creativity, the drawing skills and your sense of humor. Just as usual, the winner of this contest will receive a DC t-shirt from our store and will move one step closer to enrollment to the Elite Design Team.


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  • Thank you Sharie. I did it during my lunch hour (plus an extra 15 minutes past lunch). I don't play golf so I probably drew the club all wrong and I'm sure they don't break that easy! :)
  • #3598 This is more like what I was expecting to see. This is very nice. It shows action and emotion. This is showing a poor sport. This illustration shows what a poor sport might look like without words. There is a lot in this illustration even why this character might be a poor sport
  • #3594 another logoish looking design. This is ok showing the beat up look but I'm not really seeing the poor sport.
  • #3589 This one has a logo type look and feel as well. I like the color version better as well as the text placement. I would still like to see more, more of a poor sport. What do you think of when you here the words poor sport....I think of some spoiled kid not getting his way in any kind of game. or even an adult
  • #3586 This kinda looks like a squished up face in a missing football helmet. I think the entry needs to show more of something, I want to see what a poor sport looks like
  • #3585 I have no idea how this is showing, relating or coming close to a poor sport. This one isn't the direction to go for a poor sport. Sorry, would look forward to seeing more that show or portray some kind of poor sport
  • #3579 has a very logoish look and feel. Here come the red hot poor sports. Number 1 team in volcaninic rock soccer. Ha I can see poor sports on that team, I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of the sport. Nice job
  • mpdesign , being a poor sport doesn't mean or look the same to everyone. Who knows maybe it is a ghost team of some kind. A show on tv the other showed a coach punching one of the kids...so if a coach can punch a bet a ghost does also. I did say in the contest details that the poor sports has to to be fictional, can be a monster cartoon character you name it....I look forward to seeing more poor sports or what you all think a poor sport might be or look like
  • I don't really see how either characters symbolize poor sportsmanship... 3502 looks like an angry ghost and 3503 more like a ghost getting punched. I like the type face and the text design though.
  • #3503 Nice simple design. Shows an emotion, this shows a little bit of depth as welldon't think I would want to play a game with this guy
  • #3502 I like this one better than the second one. Way more emotion and action going on. Simple and effective design
  • I like this one better than the second one. Way more emotion and action going on. Simple and effective design
  • Nice simple design. Shows an emotion, this shows a little bit of depth as welldon't think I would want to play a game with this guy.
  • #3974 I'm not quite sure this shows a poor sport other than the words poor sport. In other words I wouldn't have known this had anything to do with a poor sport without those words.
  • #3966 I have seen this in bowling. I have seen some get mad and hit things also. The illustration tells a story and there is a nice flow through the illustration and for sure shows an emotion
  • yea Mrs. Sharie...thank you and God Bless U
  • #3938 nice illustration but this is not a poor sport design, it is a nice owwee illustration but this doesn't show or represent anything about being a poor sport
  • #3871 This is what I was hoping for a design that shows emotion, movement and not required to be about sports. Designers are called on to create some kind of emotion and movement in a design, no matter if it is a logo or an illustration. I think your poor sport is getting what is due to a poor sport, it looks like he is spilling hot coffee on himself.
  • #3780 wow we have some violent poor sports around here!it seems soccer is full of poor sports or that is what they show on tv over here. Those fan can get mean! Your design evokes conversation
  • I thought I'd show how sometimes it's not always about sports. In our field of work for example, it could easily apply to someone reacting to another designer getting the big promotion instead of them.