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RESTRICTIONS: This contest there will be NO photo manipulations and can not have been created for anything other than this contest. So no old drawings or images you did before this date. I don’t want to see any variations of images that’s been done before or published somewhere.. We’ll know or someone will let us know.


TOOLS: You can use a graphic tablet or just an old paper and pencil. You can post up a ruff drawing or a fully vector image. But try to keep it around the 640X480px size even thought DC automatically resizes it and it’ll need to be a JPG type of image.


You keep all the rights for the image and you are free to use it for any future projects even if you win the contest.


WINNER: A winner will be determined by an open poll to all registered members of the Design Contest Community. I’m sure that the member will judge the creativity, drawing skills and sense of humor of your image. Just as usual the winner of this contest will receive a DC t-shirt from our store and will move one step closer to enrollment to the Elite Design Team

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  • Coy
    #636 - the creativity is nice but I think the excusion could of been a little better. #637 - not a bad rendering I kinda like the ruff edges, but it should of followed through in the beak and the mask.
  • Coy
    CBTC - #611 and #612 are just samples of existing characters. both are verry old I watched under dog before there was ever a Cartoon Network ( ;)nico ) #627 - great ninja rat. and love the ruff drawing with it. Also liking the way you did the ruff draft of the cat in #628. both are great renderings.
  • to cbtc: that's underdog, a cartoon network character, underdog rules!
  • I love this. But the dog's face looks somewhat not clever.
  • my favorite so far :)
  • digging the pig :P shading's excellent
  • thanks guys, Go superpig!
  • this SuperPig its awesome! :D
  • Coy
    fixed it. #623 - Nice streatchy dog. That puts a nice twist to chassing it's tail. LOL #625 - diggin the super pig. nice shading and like the shirt not fitting all that well. lol
  • oops, i hit the submit button twice by accident.
  • Coy
    #617 another nice villan.
  • Nice job scorp! Both of your posts ... Nice. :-) -- Regards. jjyepez
  • Coy
    #616 nice villian always like seeing the step process. Some parts look a bit odd but it gives to the image in a way. nice work as usual.
  • Coy
    #614 interesting take on the subject. Not really an animal but could see someone owning a dung beetle as a pet for some odd reason. I like the starting sketch and how you showed what you did to come up with the caracter.
  • LOL! HAHAHA! ... I've really enjoyed drawing this!! I hope you enjoy it as well. Best regards. -- jjyepez
  • Coy
    #611 and #612 are for insperation only and not actually drawn by me. LOL duh :)