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You can use the tools of your choice, a graphic tablet or just paper and pencil. You can even do a vector rendering of your turkey if you like. The image  you upload  640x480px.
You keep all the rights for the image and you are free to use it for any future projects even if you win the contest. The only thing that we request is that the turkey you submit here is done specifically for this contest and not an old work of yours.

The winner will be determined by the poll open to all registered members of the DC community. I am sure that the members will judge the creativity, the drawing skills and your sense of humor. Just as usual, the winner of this contest will receive a DC t-shirt from our store and will move one step closer to enrollment to the Elite Design Team.

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  • it's a hardcore viking terminator turkey something :D thanks ^^
  • This is one scary turkey. Gun totingspike hammer viking lol Very good illustration
  • LOL this is twisted LOL, now tell me how do you know what or where the dark meat is because I'm a leg and thigh person I love that dark meat
  • @ jjyepez I think jadedragon might be refering to the no-seum giblets
  • LOL what a great idea..who would have guessed. Leave it to a turkey to hide as a parrot great idea and I love how the turkey spills out of the cage
  • LOL too much?? Hey ... look a turkey's head closer ... turkies may be really creepy indeed! XD http://www.corbisimages.com/images/MD001208.jpg?size=67&uid=EAD46300-A6C9-4416-865B-A8B80AD1B19D
  • Laughing @ jadedragon...I didn't know turkey had gibblets LOL and geez above the breast
  • very cool, but too much gibblets...LOL
  • Thank you very much Coy and Sharie ... -- Regards, jjyepez
  • LOL the poor evil turkey this could give cooks all over the world nightmares. I like this one better than the pther one of yours
  • I like this one without the star, having a hint of legg might bring it all together
  • I don't think I have ever seen an abstract turkey, interesting for sure The colored shapes have a peacock feather feel to it
  • Time to eat. Looks good enough to carve
  • Very creative and original, I agree though the star seems a bit off with the design
  • rimnds me of those paper plate turkey we made in school, where are the legs?
  • Nice and simple, I like the blue head
  • Coy
    yeah resurepus it's a really slow contest. #639 it's a bit simple but nicely executed. #640 - interesting look to it. #641 - so far this one is my favorite. Simple yet effective. I'd like to see it without the star though. And maybe just in Black and white w/ no gray.. but that's just me. nice work guys
  • kind of slow contest, but both your entries are great, guys! I especially like the golden turkey #640 :)