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Winning design #11 by BanzaiTokyo, Icon Design for A Car yard requires set of icons & buttons  Contest
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designed by BanzaiTokyo

Project description

Set of 48 x 48 px icons required for "Vehicle Detail Page
1. AW 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 inch
2. Spoiler
3. Body Kit
4. Reverse Camera
5. Non-CVT
6. Chain Driven
7. Cambelt Changed
8. Below 60,000km (Low km)
9. Airbags 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14
10. Seats 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10+
11. A Appraised (use AA logo)
12. Non-Smoking Car
13. Cruise Control
14. Smart Key
15. Parking Sensor
16. 2WD, AWD (All Wheel Drive), 4x4
17. AT, 5 Speed Manual, 6 Speed Manual, Tip (Tiptronic)
18. Rear Wiper
19. Hybrid

Buttons required for "Vehicle Detail Page"
20. Print brochure (192 (wide) x 32 (high) px)
21. Make an enquiry (192 (wide) x 32 (high) px) & also 64 x 64 pix version
22. Send brochure to a friend (192 (wide) x 32 (high) px)
Icons required for "Stock Page
23. Test Drive (64 x 64 px)
24. Photos (64 x 64 px)
25. Finance Calculator (64 x 64 px)
26. Previous Page (92 (wide) x 24 (high) px)
27. Next Page (92 (wide) x 24 (high) px)

For various pages
28. Apply for Finance (192 (wide) x 32 (high) px)
29. Why we're different (192 (wide) x 32 (high) px)
30. View Stock (192 (wide) x 32 (high) px)
31. Warranty (192 (wide) x 32 (high) px)
32. Insurance (192 (wide) x 32 (high) px)
33. AA Inspections (192 (wide) x 32 (high) px)
34. Contact Us (192 (wide) x 32 (high) px)

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  • Contest Holder, Thanks for the contest! Here is a preview set.
  • theautoco, sorry for the late reply. I am taken with another project right now. I will do my best to do the icons you've requested before the contest ends, otherwise I will complete the full set if chosen as the winner in this contest.
  • Hi, We like the preview 48x48px icons but can you also supply previews of some of; 1. The 64 x 64 px buttons ("Test Drive" etc) - which needs text in the icon as well. Shiney look. I think it should use one of our logo colors (#ffff01, #3fa9f5 or #fe0000). 2. And 192 (wide) x 32 (high) px buttons - which can either be text only in a shiney button, probably in one of our logo colors or a small icon with text, again in a shine button, using one of our logo colors.
  • Can you submit a preview using the red (#fe0000) and blue (3fa9f5) colors from our logo for the 192 (wide) x 32 (high) px and 64 x 64 px icons? And we would like to see what a matallic design looks like for the 48x48 px icons. Regards, Auto Co.
  • Just to confirm, we'll need the source files from the winner.
  • Hi Ch here is the complete set of icon, i made the button circle to have a different concept but if you prepared square. just let me know. thank you CH.
  • About #12 Hi, Here is my proposal. I'm still working on the other buttons. The complete set of icons are ready to cut and paste for test. I wanted to keep the background simple according to what I like but it is very easy to change the background if you prefer something with gradients or a metallic look. Yes, I can supply source files (.PSD).
  • Hi, New preview with added 2 versions of 64x64px icons, i think either of the versions can work well with the rest of the icons. Yes, i will provide .psd files, with all 3 color versions, for all icons and buttons, so you can change them as you see fit.
  • Hi again, Also, please supply 3 alternative 64x64 previews. Same as the current ones but add a top area (same design as the botton area for the button text "Test Drive" etc) which should contain the test "Click Here". Another option is to make the botton text area larger to allow the "Click Here" text. What do you think? EG. Click Here Test Drive Regards, Bob.
  • I'm the web dev and I personally like your design. I'll speak to the other people in Auto Co and let you know. Please confirm; If you win the contest, can you supply source files (.PSDs)? And I think you'll do this anyway but please confirm your source files will contain all 3 of the logo's colors for the 192x32, 64x64 and Prev/Next (so I can experiment which looks good). I like how you've done the 192x32 buttons, using the icons on the left. I think all the 192x32's would look good following the same idea.
  • Hi Auto Co, As requested, new preview with all icon and button types, i've changed the colors to match your logo.
  • Thanks for your submission but we were looking for something else.
  • Thanks for your submission but we were looking for something else.
  • Thanks for your submission but we were looking for something else.
  • Thanks for your submission but we were looking for something else.
  • Thanks for your submission but we were looking for something else.
  • Also, re the Finance Calc button, please change the $ to a calculator (maybe with a small $ as well). You'll also be making Apply for Finance buttons (64x64 and 192x32 I think), so I guess the $ would be best used there.
  • Hi, I think we are going to choose another design but we also liked yours very much. I'll let you know when the final decision has been made.
  • Hi, I've spoken to the managers and I think we'll choose you as the winner. They want a couple of minor changes before this. 1. Re the AA icon; Please use the AA yellow color for the AA/inside square part. But still have the surrounding silver border. 2. Re the No Smoking icon; Please change the circle and diag line to red. Maybe also some of the cigarette to red as well? And of course, we may ask for additional minor changes to other icons (mainly the ones we can't see in the preview I think) once we have awarded the winner to you. Cheers, Bob.
  • A sample of 12 icons using the same style that I used in your logo. I'm willing to work on the extra icons if desired.