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Winning design #57 by pelardc, Icon Design for Advanced Extracts Contest
Gold Medal

designed by pelardc

Project description

This is a cannabis extraction company based in the bay area, California. Any use of cannabis extract or the cannabis plant is encouraged, also use of scientific symbols or jargon encouraged.

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  • @theesloth advanced #82
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  • Using the pattern of THC molecule, this icon is smart and simple. #57
  • different options #51
  • different concept #50
  • different concept #49
  • @theesloth thanks for feedback #47
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  • Different options. Thanks #43
  • Different concept. Thanks #42
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  • Different options. Thanks #40
  • Hi
    I am interested in participating in this project.
    This is my concept for this entry.
    All is created in vector and original by me.
    Please let me know if you want to change colors or style.

    Kevin #39
  • @theesloth Thank you for your feedback. #38
  • Please rate me and if you wants to change or modify please let me know, thanks. #19
    • @elshaday Needs something incorporating science or oil

  • @theesloth plz feedback #29
    • /@ccboy Could you make the droplet light gold with a shiny spot