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Winning design #56 by sachin3030, Icon Design for Bluware Product Icons Contest
Gold Medal

designed by sachin3030

Project description

Please develop product icons/logos for each of the products listed below. 
  1. VDS - Volume Data Store (VDS) is a data compression technology. Please see attached icon that I would like to recreate.
  2. Teleport - Teleport is a data transfer technology via satellite. Please include a satellite in the icon.
  3. FAST - Flexible Access Storage Transcoding (FAST) technology quickly transfers data to an application in the cloud without changing current application requirements. 
  4. ScaleOut - ScaleOut is a computing technology that allows users to scale out computations across multiple computer hardware to increase storage and usage capacity.
  5. InteractivAI - InteractivAI is an artificial intelligence technology that allows users to manipulate data in real-time interactively.

  • Include name of product (noted in bold above) and incorporate icons into text.
  • Use Bluware primary colors and fonts. 
  • Only use secondary colors if needed.
  • All logos need to have a cohesive look and work well with the Bluware logo and overall brand.

Pantone 647 
CMYK 91:59:40:20
RGB 29:86:110
HEX # 1D566E

Pantone 346 
CMYK 47:0:53:0
RGB 136:212:152 
HEX # 88D498  

Pantone 705 
CMYK 0:0:0:0
RGB 255:255:255


Headlines/Titles: Open Sans Bold
Body Copy: Avenir Book

ABOUT BLUWARE: Oil and Gas Seismic Software Company. Learn more at

FORMAT: products to be used for digital and print materials such as website, presentations, documentation, and promotional items.

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  • Can you use the same font that you used in design 66? #71
  • NEW #71
  • About #66, @EmilyEBC
    thank you very much of course
  • Can you change "SCALEOUT" to "ScaleOut". Can you change "INTERACTIVEAI" to "InteractivAI". #66
  • Hi, Contest Holder.

    I hope you're doing well.
    and i hope this is not too late to join in your contest.

    I've design all of icons, plesae let me know any change needed to make my design better.
    I hope this is not a rush project so we can do more revision.

    Best regards. #70
  • @alexandra_mouton , (Version 2) icon "VDS" & "FAST". #69
  • NEW #66
  • The font is Open Sans Semibold #64
  • feedback please #63
  • please feedback #60
  • this is he new change of VDS (cloud) and the HPC Icon, hope you like it. feel free for any revision more. #58
  • About #51, @farhanarc1 sure i can change it
  • About #51, @farhanarc1 sure i can change it
  • Make font for product names to be Open Sans Semibold.

    Add a cloud for VDS. #47
  • Change font for all product names to Open Sans Semibold. #49
  • It is "InteractivAI" not "InteractiveAI". #51
  • Can you add a cloud to VDS? Also make one of the HPC icons smaller and add an arrow indicating smaller file size. #51
  • This is my second concept of your revision #54
  • About #30, @alexandra_mouton Thank you for responding to my design, I will immediately correct this design as you wish.
  • Hello! I've corrected the text, added a cloud in VDS and changed the colors in RGB (the previous were in PANTONE). Thanks. #52