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Winning design #11 by HMDesigns, Icon Design for Brand Mascot / Illustration Design for iHippocrates logo Contest
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Project description

The Brand Mascot / Illustration Design will incorporate our company name: iHippocrates ( with an awesome illustration/image of Hippocrates. Logo designer will need to make an original brand character image/mascot of Hippocrates. We need an original artwork / illustration.

Would like slogan (Medical Marketing Innovations) to be incorporated also, but as a 2nd copy, so that we can use the logo with and without the slogan as needed. Will like in different formats to use for our various branding needs: business stationary, website, social media, video and print, etc. I'm not sure if the dimensions that are automatically put by this website are correct. We need this to be high quality and able to be used in different sizes and formats. We'll need the color coding, font name, and a black and white version also.

Attached are example URLs of Shakespeare and Einstein incorporated into logos in a non-traditional way. This is to give the feel of what we want, but we want something much more up to date with the technology available in design and with a real fresh look. Plus, we want Hippocrates to be a real Pop At You, Can't Forget His Image, Looking Guy. Remember, this is our brand and our business is marketing!

We are open to other ideas, if you have something that you feel is better than ours! Just submit and if we like it, perfect!

We are needing the design of our logo to begin with, and if we like the work will also be soon after needing much more work done, such as: website, animations, etc. We will also be needing designers to outsource our clients' graphic/web work to on an ongoing basis.

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  • I wanted to provide a bit more of a modern flavor by changing up the font used for the name, I also changed up the artwork just a hair. Let me know what you think. Best, Hector
  • I like your work the best so far. If you have any different ideas let me know.
  • No too loud. I like the original color scheme much better.
  • If it's not too much trouble, I'm curious to see your design in other colors. Thanks!
  • I took the liberty of coming up with a different version of the same concept. I simply took one element and made it into two by separating the name from the image and added "marketing" underneath which is optional. I don't know if you have a specific subheading or tag-line you want to use or not. Best, Hector
  • Apologies about that, I apparently failed to upload the second image. Please let me know what you think, is there anything in particular you like or dislike about the design that you want to maybe take in a different direction or perhaps a color change? Best, Hector
  • I can only see the black outlined version.
  • The Shakespeare logo you provided really inspired my design. I wanted to follow the same style, but really give it a unique feel. I used the image of the bust of Hippocrates (which i'm sure is well recognized within the respected community) with a leaf pattern background and part of the oath written on the bottom portion of the background. The colors of course can be changed out and the design works well in a one color setting, but I wanted to use soft colors that really help tie in the concept and give it a vintage feel. Looking back at the entry I noticed I left the image of the face black and wanted to use the color of the border so I re-submitted a new entry although the black does not look bad in my opinion. Anyhow, I look forward to your feedback and direction. Best regards, Hector
  • Its against the rules to show multiple designs in same entry. Only one is allowed.
  • Hope you like my design...
  • doublepost
  • This isn't finished, but I have to head to bed, and it's at an okay stopping point. I need to revisit the eyes, eyebrows and shading, for sure. Is there anything particular that you would like to see happen with this illustration?
  • This isn't finished, but I have to head to bed, and it's at an okay stopping point. I need to revisit the eyes, eyebrows and shading, for sure. Is there anything particular that you would like to see happen with this illustration?
  • and #22 are two color choices of a more professional looking logo along the same lines as my original #13
  • Whit tagline...
  • Hi CH Adrianamantilla,i submit my work, the Hippocrates father of medicine and the snake (as a stethoscope), symbol of health. A strong and original brand. Thanks for see.
  • Hi CH, I just wanna try something elegance siluet sign :) And #33 is typography art looks old man. If you wanna to make it detail or anything, please give any feedback. And I'll give the other revision & variations soon. Thank You.
  • Thank you for the feedback, I can definitely create the 3 variations you are looking for, if you select me as the winner we can work out the wrinkles in the design until we have our final 3 versions. Yes I can design web pages and web ads, but un-coded only, I do not have the skill set required to build the entire site using code. I can also work with print design (i.e. ads, newspaper, brochures, book covers, etc.) and corporate branding. I have not yet worked on package design, but am always up for a challenge. Best, Hector
  • This is your original submission that I'm referring to. You can add the slogan to this one. If I choose your as the winner, I'd like, if possible, to ahve about 3 different versions but all like this 1. As in, this one, but with just marketing at the bottom, this one, but with the whole slogan, & 3. this one, but like your #19 in which the name is separate. Also, I like the new 'i" that you've incorporated. Do you do any other work, such as web design?
  • Actually, I liked this coloration & fonts best!