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Winning design #24 by glaxon, Icon Design for C-FARE.org Contest
Gold Medal

designed by glaxon

Project description

Hello, we would like to see degins for small symbols that can represent a series of concepts. They need to be visually connected (formatted similarly), but each reflect different ideas. The symbols would be used as short-hand for the concepts below after they are introduced. They need to be small enough that they can fit in small spaces, but interesting enough that they tell at least some of the story about the phrase.

  1. Ensuring growth and opportunities in the farm economy
  2. Cultivating economic development and trade policy for economic stability, growth, and equality
  3. Understanding consumer preferences to enhance well-being
  4. Building an American energy economy
  5. Preparing the agricultural sector in a dynamic climate
  6. Economically and environmentally sustainable agriculture
  7. Achieving nationwide food security to enhance rural and urban economic vitality
  8. Big data for advances in agricultural production, food supply, and meeting consumer demands
  9. Advancing Rural Economic Growth
  10. Utilizing agricultural innovation in the marketplace

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  • About #24, @glaxon Dear Glaxon. We liked your diagrams the best. However, we like the blue circles better than green hexagons. Can you change them? Also, we want to keep 1 exactly as it is, however, can you add different color arrows going from different countries into the US? We like number 3. We'd like to add a grass to number 4 and perhaps not the lightning. We like number five. Number six looks good, but we'd like to add some sort of crop, would this be possible? I dont like number 7 at all. Perhaps you can have a child with food? Can you make the graphics on number 8 jump out a little more? Actually, number 7 can be number 9. We like number 10. However, we like different figures in #24
    • @cgala Ok...I will updated soon..

    • About #24, @cgala Please ignore last sentance.

    • About #24, @cgala The one that says "however, we like different figures in #24.

    • @cgala ok

    • About #24, @cgala
      The changes you have requested has been made and the updated link is added below.


      please check the link and provide feedback

    • About #24, @cgala
      The changes you have requested has been made and the updated link is added below.


      please check the link and provide feedback

    • @glaxon Thanks, Glaxon. We still do not like the number 9. Re: Rural economy. So, here are some pictures to help orient your thinking with ours. rural economies, including: farm and non-farm industry. http://www.smalltownsouth.com/Features/TheStateoftheRuralSouthsEconomy/tabid/387/Default.aspx and http://monplanvoyage.com/images/monplanvoyage/diaporama/parcs-us/jackson-town.png. Rural america as far as I understand, depends on industry, local markets and businesses, and other things like universities and parks.

    • @cgala Also, for number 4, perhaps you could add to additional plants: http://www.extension.umn.edu/b-assets/efans/ygnews/KEF_2012_09_02_5348%20shopped%20giant%20miscanthus.jpg and http://msutoday.msu.edu/_/img/assets/2013/robertson-poplar-stand.jpg After these changes, I think we may be done. Thank you for working with me on this.

    • @cgala We do like the others though!

    • @cgala Ok...I will updated soon..

    • @glaxon OK. I'll look again tomorrow.

    • @cgala

      please check the link


      If it need any alterations please reply the changes that should be made
      Thank you

    • About #12, @glaxon can you make the grass in the energy picture bigger and more robusts like actual miscanthus?

      for number 9. I think that we should include more than just agriculture. Industry needs to be in there as well as the city or town hall.

    • About #12, @cgala Perhaps multiple buildings that connect to a robust, well-lit home?

    • @cgala please check the link http://glaxonpaul.com/c-fare/ If it need any alterations please reply the changes that should be made Thank you

  • hello, ch.
    I am waiting for a response from you to complete this design.
    I really hope you like my work.
    do not hesitate to contact me,

    thanks. #14
    • @DavArt Hi, Dav. I hope that you are OK. I just wanted to give you some feedback about your design. We will not choose it, and I like the work that you put into it. However, the design didnt capitalize on the use of several colors, but was mostly green. Maybe this is what others have wanted, but I really wanted a colorful set of icons. I do like your work! I wish you all the best in the future. Best to you always

    • @cgala ok. no problem, :) I hope you are happy with your choice. Good luck. regards. DavArt

  • one color #21
  • Hi sir, Check this, if you need to update any icon, you can request. Tnx. #20
  • Hi, do you want these item to be converted to Normal ICON based Or Short-Hand text based small icons (made of lines) ? Thanks.
  • on black background , hope we can work together sir :)
    please rate , thanks :) #11
  • hope you like my design ,
    please rate and give a feedback..
    thanks sir.. :)
    hope we can work together #10
  • new versions.
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  • hello, ch.
    please check my revisions, if you still need a change, do not hesitate to contact me,
    I will finish this job as you want.
    always expect a response from you.



    DavArt #7
  • @cgala
    Hello , contest holder , this is my proposal I've been working for your great contest. Hope you like it , and it fits your requirements.
    Please feel free to ask for any improvement or change if you have an idea , I 'll apreciate it .
    Your feedback is very important for my work at the design, please let me know your opinion about my design .
    Thank you , Cezar Vlad - BrightArtAct #6
  • Dear contest holder,
    Please don't close this contest this early. I am still working on the design. I will upload it as soon as possible
  • hello, ch.
    I send you some sample icons,
    I sincerely hope your advice from me, I am waiting for feedback from you to modify this design,



    DavArt. #2
    • About #2, @DavArt Just replied! Thank you so much.

    • @cgala hello, ch. thank you very much for your response and instructions you give, I will make the icons as you wish, once I finish the design as soon as possible I will send to you. Please wait . thanks. Greetings. DavArt

  • About #2, @DavArt I like this because it also shows me the phrase along with the design. A couple of individual comments for the design:
    1. Can you do something with a tractor instead of a barn? Also a graph?
    2. Can you have a world and arrows pointing brightly from US to other countries and then muted from other countries to US?
    3. Could it be of someone choosing an apple? I like the family, but would like to keep gender out of the picture...
    4. This one is about biofuel. Can you have a corn plant or miscanthus plant (tall grass) with the lightning sign?
    5. maybe this one could be very yellow, which indicates dry crops without rain? Like an icon for a field (light green) with a bright sun and the color of the field shifting from the yellow to the green?
    6. I think that this is the place to have both a green field and water. I dont think that you have to have a money symbol if it is in the title...
    7. Rural and urban food security is about children having access to food.
    8. I usually use an ipad with images of graphs popping out of it. You can see an example here. http://www.istockphoto.com/photo/tablet-pc-with-financial-data-gm491410514-75737887
    9. Rural economic growth has to do with manufacturing and small businesses. So, seeing people going to work to design stuff and make stuff happen.
    10. I like the idea symbol, but it needs to say agriculture and food somehow.

    Sorry, I know I am asking alot. But, I do like your style!
  • About #1, @arni_admim I think that we seek designs that are not one color, but multiple colors. Also, I dont really like the money bag. I do like the idea of one repeating symbol to so similarilities between two icons that deal with agriculture. I also think that I like the idea of putting people in the design more. Also, perhaps number 3 could be a shopping cart or something. The arrows are going many places, but it is not clear where.
    • About #1, @cgala Thank you!