Clothing and indoors/ outdoors activities icons

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Winning design #9 by meedo, Icon Design for Clothing and indoors/ outdoors activities icons Contest
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designed by meedo

Project description

We have already existing icons and we need some minimalist redesign. We want some creative and consistent icons (clothing items and some indoors/ outdoors activities)

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  • Updated the brief, we have already the icons to be made. we just want some simple consistent redesign.
  • Have you got a list of icons to be made? Sorry but you have not given a lot of information in the brief.
  • Here some of the icons that we use today. Thank you Austin, great job so far!
  • Hi! Where are you existing icons that you would like redesigned? Thank you! HAH
  • Let me know what you think of the icons I submitted and what you would like to see changed or added. about #1
  • Hi, Where can we see the existing icons? You don't seem to have uploaded them or posted any links. Thanks.
  • think about the public signs. I'm not alowed to use the term "METRO"
  • CH, what can I do to improve my submission #5? Thank you
  • thanks for your feedback about the style,the consistent redesign can be finished soon.
  • we extended the period and also the price.
  • YES,it's the style #6,for all the icons.coming soon.
  • CH, I have submitted 38 icons in #5. That is rather a lot for the current prize. I can do more if you would like though.
  • my purpose was to see design styles. Is not necessary to be finished in one day.
  • I have submitted 20 icons in #4. That is all I will submit for this contest with the prize you have currently, however, if you like the icons I am making and would like to see more of a similar type, you could increase the prize, or start an additional contest for the remaining icons you would like to see. I would be happy to design additional icons in that case, but this is a significant amount of work to design all of the icons in your downloadable content and is too much to ask for in one more day.
  • 110 icons for JUST $184??? :O , well...... not for me. Thanks for reply
  • Hi PixArt, That list was just for preview. The entire list of icons can be download from here Simple but suggestive type. Not so much color.
  • Hi The link you have posted will root to two folders 1) activities and 2) Items ,do we need to look in both of them? is this final list (as you said "Here SOME OF THE ICONS that we use today")? if not where are the complete list of icons you require? Further do you want it to be black and white or color ? flat or iPhone like?
  • Hi CH, do the indoors/outside activities include sports?
  • It took me several days to work on it…what a hard job.Thank God,I have completed this case ahead of schedule. #9 for reference.
  • thank you so much for the hard work. looking forward ... @esphan sure do