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  • The top orange car. Its a Audi TT.
  • In your brief you said you wanted it like the car on the first page of the pdf, but there are 2 cars. Which one did you mean?
  • We need something a little more realistic then this. The car has to look and feel like a real car.
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  • Dear CH, you want to have 5 car-illustrations for 100$ ???
  • Dear Contest Holder; With all due respect "thefiish" is correct 5 car illustrations for $100 isn't going to get you the quality work on 5 cars you are looking for especially for Vector cars. Automobiles are very tedious to create in vector if you need original designs. However, I did my best with what time I have to create Entry #4 for you by using the three colors you've provided. Unfortunately I only have time to create one presetable design but with a little bit more incentive I'm sure I can add more punch and details to it, as well as anyone here I'm sure. I hope the design I submitted helps. Please let us know how else we can help. Best of Luck. Respectfully, RizoRex
  • Third party images not allowed. Especially the image used for the design brief.