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Winning design #25 by Aleksander, Icon Design for Easy/Fun - Background Adjustment...Illistration Contest
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designed by Aleksander

Project description

The project is about a footer, which needs to be slightly updated. The new footer needs to have something like sheeps, cows, a wind mill something to fill up the voided space that would be (within the images attached). The overall project is easy, but does require some experience with illistrator / photoshop. We want to make the footer looks like nature, but also a bit cartoony, as you'll be able to see from the images attached. Upon completion, we expect to get PSDs (without merged layers), EPS, JPG, PNG formats of all the work! Image footer (showing what needs to be replaced with illustrations): http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/208/image1bo.png/ Image footer (the background only) is: http://imageshack.us/f/703/footernew.jpg/ Image footer (how looks on website) is: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/820/image1yn.png/ Initial Source Files: http://www.webhostproviders.info/footer_new.jpg Other things you could do instead of a windmill is a Wind Turbine or something like this...along with farm animals, I would suggest sheep... However, if you have other things in mind that would be good too. We want to: 1. FIT the current design (and current footer) without all the links and stuff there... 2. Look Natural... If you have questions, please ask.

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  • Not bad. However, perhaps something a little more serious on the sheep side? This is mostly for adults.. not kids so much so if we could tone it up a bit... Something more refined? slightly more professional looking?
  • #4, #4. I had to send two the same pictures because the first was in CMYK colors
  • Sheep looks weird, and the building sorta looks flat. So we need white sheep and a more detailed building.
  • Not bad at all. However, we need things more around the center of the page, so its not sticking out so much... and looks organized. Also, te windmill seems to look flat so we want to make sure its realistic looking like rounded off and bricks and stuff on the facade The shadow looks nice though... not so sure about the shadow behind the windmill.... also, to get the sheep need to be more sheep looking... not so much toy looking. :)
  • Dear, Redbossman. If this concept approaches that I will complete it
  • See if we can go in this style: http://www.bigscoots.com/about (just with more nature looking things).
  • Look at the footer on this site: http://www.bigscoots.com/about Perhaps something like that but more with OUR current style of footer.. Im thinking sheep and stuff, but birds might work and a sign or something... get creative.... see what you can do... to make it work.
  • Not bad, but the sheep don't look real enough, and the tractor doesn't really need to be there... how about something more like with sheeps, cows, maybe a building or something...
  • Your other version is better.
  • Not bad at all. However, need to keep our guy with the certificates in the place that hes with currently... from there we can build stuff around... like sheep and perhaps a building or two... maybe even a cow or something... much like the "Biker one" -- but improved... without the tractor...
  • This is going somewhere, but there needs to be more activities going on.. like some grass for the sheep to be eating, perhaps some buildings in the background -- like a stable or a win tower, or something... three sheep doesn't quite do it.
  • I'm in the middle of making #6 but if you're not liking the sheep I will leave it a work in progress. Please message me and tell me how you feel about it.
  • #11 ... and it can not be nearer because I have to keep perspective of the image
  • #11 The windmill can not be greater because over it is an edge of the image. I think it is the optimal arrangement.
  • Sorry I haven't had time to pick this up much more. I am in the middle of moving, and because I only have one more upload I've been saving it instead of showing my progression.
  • A better flow would be great for this!
  • Some more action on this would be good!
  • Not bad, but the fence looks flat... why did we decide to box stuff in? Shouldn't they perhaps be a little more "free" roaming?
  • Cows look fake, and looks like some of that was taken from another place and put here... has to be more or less original.
  • Little too weird with the whole "Free" thingi