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I was surprised to find such talented and hard-working designers. I was sad I couldn't use more of the submissions I received.

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Winning design #63 by syojithu2, Icon Design for EasyMVVM Windows application icon Contest
Gold Medal

designed by syojithu2

Project description

A Windows application icon (.ico) is needed for EasyMVVM (described at EasyMVVM.com), which programmers will use to make it easier to develop their programs. The icon needs to be in all supported resolutions, so that it works well, without scaling, in XP, Vista, and Windows 7. Although I welcome an original concept, I was thinking of a transparent 3-D gear over an image that represents a form, with things like a text box, a couple of radio buttons, a couple of buttons in the top right that would represent OK and Cancel. I'd like the icon to look shiny, with a little 3-D-ness that shows correct lighting per Microsoft's guidelines (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa511280.aspx). The icon may not contain anything that's language- or culture-specific, such as letters or numbers. The image should be viewed all at once, or thought of as the top to the bottom. It should not imply a left-to-right concept, to be understandable in locations that read right to left. It must be built with an application that allows use of the icon for commercial purposes and without having to credit that application. For example, Axialis IconWorkshop cannot be used because its licensing agreement requires giving them credit. I'll need to know all applications and any clip art used, to assure that licenses permit commercial use without giving credit.

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  • I don't care for a hammer.
  • Hi there CH, Submitted my first entry on this contest ! Please review entry #17 and also feedback really appreciated ! Kind Regard's SmartBoardMedia
  • Hey CH, Submitted entry #15 with variation in colors , Please review it and provide feedback! Waiting for your reply... Regards.
  • Submitted entry #14 , Please review it and provide feedback!
  • It looks like an application window, but without a form on it other than the 2 buttons. I'd prefer those buttons in the upper right of the window, with the green over the red. I'd also prefer stuff on the window so it looks like a form, such as a check box and 2 or 3 radio buttons.
  • I don't think 2 gears will be clear at XP icon resolution.
  • This #8 is getting there. I like the size of the gear, and the light sparkles on it. I'd prefer more color. I'd also prefer changing the form layout, so there are 2 buttons, as if for OK and cancel, one over the other, at the upper-right corner of the form.
  • Hey CH, Submitted some more designs,please review them and give feedback! Waiting to hear from you! Regards.
  • Per my requirements, the icon cannot contain text.
  • It will be too hard to make this out at lower resolutions. How about a single, large gear, that is transparent, and that appears over the form, that just has enough shapes that you can tell it's a form.
  • Nice looking form. Unfortunately, it has too much detail that you can't tell it's a form at lower resolutions. That's why I suggested a transparent gear over a simple image that implies a form, with just a few controls.
  • Submitted another design with no text at all on #4 ,,
  • Per my requirements, the image may not contain text.
  • Hey CH, Submitted my design at #3, Please review it,and provide feedback! If you want any change,please let me know! Regards.
  • Per my requirements, it may not contain letters.
  • Dear CH, Check My Designs #29 & #30. #29 with Bright Colors & #30 Minor Changes Dull Colors. Greetings, anand224patel
  • I shrunk this down, and it just doesn't work at icon sizes. Too bad, because it's really pretty. The gears are festive, and I really like the buttons for minimize, maximize and close. The rest of the window, though, looks like a browser, and not an application.
  • This isn't what I meant when I asked for a transparent gear. I meant that I wanted to be able to see the form that's behind it. Also, this gear is too small, especially for low resolutions.
  • I hate the gears.
  • The gear is too small, especially for low resolutions.