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Winning design #6 by SpyMouse, Icon Design for Ecommerce Icon Pack Contest
Gold Medal

designed by SpyMouse

Project description

We are looking for a general set of ecommerce icons for our web hosting customers to use in their web design projects. The design should be appeal to a wide audience, and not be tied to a specific design style. The icons need to be 512px x 512px in .PNG format. We are looking for a total of 16 icons. The specific icons needed are: Empty shopping cart Full shopping Cart shopping Cart with add symbol shopping Cart with subtract symbol Checkout yen sign euro sign dollar sign visa credit card mastercard credit card amex credit card discover credit card paypal credit card Check Cash Google Checkout

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  • Hello Contest Holder, I know I didn't send you all 16 icons immediately. I'm still working on the rest and will have them sent out to you as soon as possible. I wanted you to see what I was working on and to see if you liked the direction I was going. I decided to show a few color options that is why each Icon has a different color. I'm looking forward to your feedback. Thank you and have a great night, Naomi
  • Thanks for the rating points. Is there any feedback or changes you would like to see to the icons?
  • Hello CH, Thank you for your feedback on my original post. I made my colors more universal. I also finished the rest of my icon designs so I made sure to post all 16 designs for you today. I'm looking forward to your feedback. have a great Monday, Naomi
  • Using orange so heavily limits which sites can use them. Please use a more universal color scheme.
  • Make the plus symbol and the check mark green, and the minus symbol red.
  • Please spell "Check" instead of "cheque" I'm looking for the international currency symbols, not the flags.
  • the colors are too all over the place. We're looking for a more unified color scheme.
  • @Hazzaps, there isn't a specific website design. These icons are meant to work on a wide variety of websites. @SpyMouse, the icons for the light backgrounds look very good. I'd like to see the plus symbols be green, and the minus symbols be red.
  • Hi, has a website design been chosen yet? if so have you got a link so I can base my design around that? Thanks
  • Hi, I have created the icons for light backgrounds (#2) and dark backgrounds (#3). Both would be provided if my design is chosen. Feedback is appreciated. Thanks.
  • Hi, I have made the relevant changes you have suggested, would it be possible for some feed back? Thanks
  • Dear Contest Holder, Could you please look at entry #23. I know I didn't post the rest of my icons, but I want to post them later. For now could you give me feedback on how my credit cards look. Do you like this design or do you like the smooth design spymouse did better. Thanks, I am enjoying working on this. Sincerely, Georgie Mathews
  • Hi, what could I do to improve #11? you gave me 80 and I would like to improve on that!
  • Thanks for choosing my design. I have uploaded the source files. All icons are 512x512 in .png format. I also included a .psd so that you can edit styles or create other sizes. Let me know if you need any changes.
  • Hi, If you are satisfied with the design, can you confirm the source files and close the contest. Thanks.