Enneagram symbol with Collective Wisdom at Center


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Winning design #59 by lfbaroni, Icon Design for Enneagram symbol with Collective Wisdom at Center Contest
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designed by lfbaroni

Project description

I wish to combine the Enneagram Symbol with descriptive words around the nine points and a symbol for collective wisdom at the center. I want the numbers 1, 3, 5 one color, 4, 6, 8 another color and 7,9,2 a third color with a legend showing the 1,3,5 as "competency", 4,6,8 showing as "intensity" and 7,9,2 showing as "positive outlook". I want the title to be Enneagram for Negotiators and the sub-title to be Savage Management Ltd. I want to tittle the 9 points/ types as 1 accountability, 2 connection, 3 achievement, 4 creativity, 5 intelligence, 6 interdependence, 7 energy, 8 leadership and 9 balance. I want the center of this symbol to show collective wisdom, collective achievement, more than the individual parts.... The illustration will be the Enneagram Symbol with the names of each type on the outside of the circle, color coded by harmonic type and something creative at the center. I will use this illustration in my training materials, my powerpoint presentations, reports and website.

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