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Winning design #152 by Elle88, Icon Design for EPSG Podcast LIVE Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Elle88

Project description

I am looking for a cool design to add to collateral, etc..  for our Company's podcast.

We would like to incorporate colors of the logo (attached).

Please add to the street sign concept below.  Maybe a third sign that says live with something hanging from it that says on air.

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  • Would like to hear your feedback on this concept which I brainstormed and drafted based on your design brief. Let me know if you're interested in this approach, I will advance further with refining and developing the above initial sketch. #156
  • this is another optional design, hope you like it #155
  • Congrats to the winner. Well done. See u in many more of our contests to come, #152
    • @matthewbyron1969 OK thanks I will be here lol.

  • Congratulations to the winner. To all who did like my entry I also very much thankful to you six who believe in my design.
  • hello. what about this one? #154
  • Please post the logo on th right . The winner. Hope to see you all in many future contests. Best fast- good job in this one. #151
    • @matthewbyron1969 Thank you, fun project!

  • This one, on the right? #152
  • Sorry. The one on the right with the greater pole. #151
  • One on the left is our winner. Please separate into a single. Well done. Congrats. #151
  • @matthewbyron1969. Now with 2 screws. #151
  • I think the red suits the theme "street talk" #150
  • Please add a screw to the bottom of both signs so they each have two #139
  • Hello @matthewbyron1969 please check my improvements to design. #149
  • i'm using your logo for the top of the sign and added some radio wave-like and a little improvement in street sign #145
  • Hi. I have made a little revision on connecting wire for the on air signage. I hope it is well. Thank you. #141
  • This one has the 3D shadow on the bottom for the blue sign., #139
  • @matthewbyron1969 Does look better you're right! #138
  • About #135, @Phouii The LIve on Air sign is 3D not shadowed, its a like shadow boox you see that lights up when it is on. But I can can a slight 3D for the blue sign.
  • thanks . can we also add that drop shadow you did on the live on air on the street talk sign (right side) #135
  • Top of Mic looks better in this one. #136