Good Shepherd

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Project description

We need four icons, representing

Planting (seeds, perhaps)
Deepening (roots, maybe)
Flourishing (growing leaves, or something like that?)
Nurturing (caring for or watering the growing leaves)

We'd like them to work together - showing a clear progression and look like they came from the same designer.

Depending on the work provided, more graphic design work may be requested.

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  • I made my versions, but without system of integration between icons. If you can tell how it will be use, we can think about it. Maybe it will be on poster, website or something? Both versions can be combined. I would be happy to make changes. #29
    • @Jeanne deepening have two icons instead of nurturing ?

    • @sabiqa oops, no, my mistake. two signatures nurturing, but the icons are different )) but contest holder don't care anymore apparently

  • I hope you like this :) #28
  • v1 #27
  • Dear Sir/ Madam,
    Please Check Your Icon Design, and Give any Feedback. #22
  • I have tried to create a design that is clean, simple and easy to understand whilst still maintaining a sophisticated appearance. I have provided icons for use on both light and dark backgrounds to maintain clarity in any situation.

    Thank you for the opportunity to provide you with a Proposal for Good Shepherd Icon Designs. With all my designs, I always read the brief carefully to ensure that I have understood what the client is looking for. Therefore, I would ask if you could kindly provide feedback as it is invaluable in enabling me to achieve the most accurate design for your needs. Kindest regards. #20
  • try this very simple and clean #9
  • Hello Sir, Please check this out and let me know:)
    Awaiting your kind response
    Thank You #7
    • @sanamdesigner The first green icon is a copyright material. You might receive infractions from

  • Hello Sir, I'll made your design, please check this out and let me know...
    Thanks #8
  • please check and feedback @curtis1 #4
  • Thank you, Brindjil. These are very similar to the examples we like, though we're looking for some system of integration between them. Yours are a bit more stylized, which makes them more difficult to interpret. #1
    • About #1, OK @curtis1 i'll update soon

  • From top left : Planting, Nourishing, Flourishing and Deepening #2