Icon for fast data synchronization

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Winning design #51 by friendnand, Icon Design for Icon for fast data synchronization Contest
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designed by friendnand

Project description

We are BuddyNS.com , an online service for website reliability. Our customers publish some data on the Internet: BuddyNS takes this data and replicates it over the world. We do this within few minutes whereas our competitors do this in many hours. We want an icon for an event with 2 keywords: * speed, something happening quick and flashy * unity (their and our data always matching) We call this event/action "SyncNOW!": The user will be able to press this to ask for immediate synchronization. We like minimal, and please no text in the icon. The icon must be suited to have a trivial animated variant (e.g., a part blinking, or rotating, or changing color): we'll show this for several seconds while BuddyNS is processing the user's data. Please see our website www.buddyns.com to see what colors we are currently using. Please read Comments for more hints!

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  • #2 Kindly click image to see how it will look when cleared. The rotating arrows can be done through programing of the design to your page. :D Thanks!
  • I added #1. The idea would be that the arrows in the "NOW" would rotate as it loads. This is pretty simplistic, but I just want to know if this is the right direction or if you're looking for something not quite so integrated with the text.
  • Which page of your website will this end up on? Is it under the services tab?
  • my design is #5 how would it looks like be? I have made a prototype in flash, open this link -> http://db.tt/E2VEt7e9 Looking forward your feedback, thx
    • the animated version is cool, but the base version (sync symbol with our logo inside) looks too trivial.

  • I submitted #27. Please let me know your opinions. :)
  • Most animations are based on rotation. By checking them out I realize I don't like it, it's distracting. Focus on the static version. For "animating it", we'll probably make a part of it blinking, or some like that.
  • One idea based on this: something that looks like an ECG pulse with the sync arrows around. Also the idea of the flash used by GJRDesign gives a good sense of the "event" happening and the speed of it.
  • maybe too minimal: looks like a more general "something's going on" icon
  • doesn't give me the idea of unity or synchronization
  • no writings in the icon, thanks!
  • too much stuff in this, the user should not "read it", just "get it"
  • This is the prop that most reflects our desired style so far because it's minimal, clear, and expresses unity through balance. However, I find it too goofy.
  • Folks, please keep it minimal, non-obvious, must catch the eye, no text. Remember it's an event: something magic that happens when you use our service. Don't spend much time on animations: the icon must be catchy, the animated version will be a trivial edit of it.
  • too much stuff
  • #16by is better because it's more minimal
  • no scripts please!
  • Hi buddyns, here is my entry. #31, idea of packets of data, sync at the center, and also forming a letter S. hope you like it. thank you.
  • too generic
  • Thanks for bringing some originality to the contest! This puzzle solution does not attract us, but please submit more!
    • Thanks! Sorry it did not seduce you. What idea do you want to promote in priority: Speed? Matching? or Sync?.. Regards,

    • It's an event that involves reflecting some data and happens fast. Sync (the function) must be there. Speed (how) is an important characterization.

  • missing an indication of the 'event'