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This contest is meant as an exercise in icon design. There are some important things in this field that may not be that obvious from the first glance. I have found an article on some important points to consider when designing icons that I would like you to take a look at. In the process of the contest we'll try to discusss other issues related to icon design.

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  • I like the general shape of the cup, but I think that the integration of the logo into the design is not necessary. Try just doing a cup icon without using the logo.
  • really like the metallic glow of the logo, but I think the stand can be impoved.
  • It works, what you can do here is to add some contrast like you did with #2041, and some sharpness to the small icons. to make this more fun looking you can step back from the usual color theme, gold can be black, silver blue and bronze orange. my 2c.
  • Thanks resurepus, I can definitely understand the logo dilemma. If there is any more changes you would like to see, please feel free to let me know. Thanks!
  • not bad at all! I think it is my personal thing, but I am always sort of uncomfortable when the logo is modified. I know changes in this design were required by the perspective, but this is what I liked in your previous entry that you got the logo correctly :)
  • no you are not. but I'd like to see other designs from you. or at least this design in a more developed stage.
  • thanks for your reply. Hope I'm not "bugging" you..
  • the more I look at this entry, the more I think you could spark it a little bit. I like that it is clean, but it lacks a bit of excitement. Right now among all the entries only Maxson has got the excitement part with his #2009. So I'd actually like to see a revision of this design.
  • looks good. but I have a few comments: 1. I don't quite see how ladybug is associated with awards/prizes. 2. the cold and bronze are too similar. hard to distinguish really. 3. quite a common problem - you create smaller icons just by scaling down the bigger ones. it blurs the effects and erases the details.
  • so far I think this is your best design. I am checking "I'd like to see a revision" just in case you want to submit another entry, but this one is already quite good. You might just try to simplify a bit the icons in smaller resolutions.
  • Sounds good, I was just referring to your comment. There was no mention on something missing within the design itself. Any input since these are not quite what you are looking for?
  • a bit too plain. the dimensions are a bit off.
  • cclark413, I still think that something is missing there and just the background will not be enough. just wanted you to keep it in mind if you are planning to work on more ideas or develop either of these.
  • Apologies, if you would like I can put on white bg.
  • #2018 , #1019 nice ideas, but I wonder why did you decide to use dark background the current background is white and though we are working on website's redesign, it will stay white.
  • you said it all - good idea, but realization could be better!
  • my entry is 2012:)) end of the world dam'...back to the subject,the idea could be even better represented but,sadly, I don't have to much free time:| robert.
  • omg, yes, it's a marker, now why would you interpret it as bottle rather than a marker is beyond me ^^
  • is it a marker? now I think it must be a marker, but it was really hard to tell at first glance.
  • I have to agree with maxson that it is sort of deppressing. Not much exciting going on here. Besides it's really hard to call this illustration an icon. There is too much going on here, too many elements. It might be possible in the large size, but you can't create a small icon by just scaling down the whole thing to fit the needed dimensions. You need to simplify it and to remove unnecessary elements. Do take a look at the article I linked to in the brief, I think you could really get some useful hints on icon design there.