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Winning design #19 by ElodieMendes, Icon Design for industry category icons Contest
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designed by ElodieMendes

Project description

GeoPerks is an API that returns membership discount information for a given location to web and mobile apps. The locations can be one of several categories (restaurant, museum, etc.). We have 17 categories and we need an icon for each category. The categories are: Museums Arts & Entertainment Beauty & Spa Automotive Restaurants/Coffee Shops Car Rental Lodging Zoo Apparel Home & Garden Personal Service Professional Service Eyeware & Opticians Personal Fitness Parking Sports & Outdoors Other The icons should be square and in a dimension that allows us to scale them up/down depending on where they will be used (web vs. mobile app) and support hi res (retina) displays.

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  • - remove shine - remove text - remove rounded corners
  • Sorry about the categories. I just added them to the brief. The blue color is good. I think we're using #649afe on our website ( Alternatively, use different colors for each category, but that might be difficult as we might add more categories later. No gloss/shine and no rounded corners please. I prefer not using text in the icons. The icons will appear on various websites and mobile apps as they will be provided through our API. On the "Brief" page I've added a snap of a web page where the image will appear. Hope this helps... M
  • #1 #2 #3 Here are a few examples to start with. Your brief doesn't list all of the categories, so I can't really proceed until you have that list ready. For a start though, what kinds of colors are you looking for? Would you like a gloss/shine effect on the icons? Do you have a font selected or is that flexible? Would you like a more angular, or curved design? Do you have an example of where these icons will appear in the larger menus? Do you have an example of the rest of the interface so I can make it a seamless integration? Thanks, looking forward to making these designs for you!
  • Thanks for your feedback. The two icons are: Personal Service Professional Service Should the icons size be: 120x90? (like it says on the web page where there would be display?)
  • 1) It's difficult to see the difference between the parking, car rental and automotive icons when the icons are smaller. Make the vehicle smaller and the P/key/wrench larger. 2) I realize an icon for "Other" isn't easy. Perhaps better to create a general "GeoPerks" icon. See the image in the lower right box at 3) What are the 2 left most icons in the 2nd row?
  • i have uploaded my icon design #5. like your comment for the other contestant, there are no rounded edge and no text thanks
  • Dear Marten, I have uploaded my icon designs. Each subject have his own colour. The icons are simple/basic, strong and straight to the point. The icoons are white, with a different background, that make it catchy. #4 What do you think of it?
  • The "Other" icon looks a bit weird. The shape should be a map marker and I think it would be better with a dollar sign inside. Thanks!
  • 1) Same comment abou the car icons. Please make the car smaller and give more focus to the wrench/parking sign/ keys 2) What's the eye icon for? If it's eyeware/optician, then better to use a pair of eye glasses. 3) What does the right most icon in the second row represent? Do you have icons for the remaining (5) categories? Thanks!
  • Dear Marten, Could you please have a look at my entry #15 and let me know what you think, Regards
  • Hi CH, #16 and #17; see if you like the changes: - Parking, car rental and automotive icons - Other icon - Zoo icon - Personal Trainer icon
  • I do like the slight 'glow'. Can it be done with the blue version of the icon set, or would it be washed out?
  • Hi, This is good. For the "Other" icon, please just remove the 'map' part and let the 'pin' be on its own (although it can be enlarged a bit).
  • Hi CH, Thanks for the feedback, i have posted again with an updated design #22 of all the icons in the same order as you have requested in your brief. Thanks
  • Dear Contest Holder, here I submit my entry for you. #21. Thank you! Best, FeFei.
  • I already change the "other" in the design: #19 I also try a different design: #20 Hope you like it!
  • Hi, I already change the map marker, I copy the shape you uploaded and made a version with and without a circle inside. Regards, Elodie Mendes
  • Hi, I just uploaded the file map-anno@2x.png, to show you what the shape of the map marker should look like. (Ignore color and circle inside).
  • Just one little thing. The map marker in the "Other" icon doesn't quite fit with the other icons. Please remove, or reduce the curve in the middle and make the bottom point a little bit rounded. Also the dimensions seem a bit off, covering more of the vertical space than the images in the other icons. Hope that makes sense...
  • Hi! Thanks for making me the winner, I'm sorry I didn't have time to make the changes before the contest end. Hope you like it, if you need me to change anything feel free to contact me at anytime. Elodie Mendes