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Project description

Thank you all for your entries. I will review and either extend the competition or chose a winner :-)

PLEASE READ THE FULL BRIEF AND PDF. I am not looking for a new logo. This is an icon contest :-)

"Local and Less" is a marketing app for local businesses, physical shops only. A business can create campaigns with offers. A personal user of the app can but the deals directly from the app.

We have created the main of the app, but have a few icons, that needs to be developed. For others we already have icons but would like a second opinion.

Priority is these 6 icons:

  • 3 Category/Map icons
  • Menubar icon: shop icon
  • Other: approving business icon
  • Promotional code: advent icon

All icons should fit into the app design in style. Modern, Simple with a twist.  App images are included in the brief.

Please ask any questions you need.

The icons we need are:

3 Category/Map icons

  • These are the icons, that describes the category of the offer. It is the most important icons, and the best category icons will win the contest.

6 Menu bar icons

  • Those are icons in the menu bar. They describe the functionality in each section. We have some drafts, which can be used, but would like a second opinion. Please no shopping cart icon.

5 Other icons

  • We are showing some confirmation screens to the user. They have an icon that illustrates the pending function. We have some drafts, which can be used, but would like a second opinion.

1-2 Promotional code icons.

  • We have an illustration for a promotional code. We have some drafts, which can be used, but would like a second opinion.

Read full brief


  • th1
    Thank you for your suggestion.

    I really like your map icons and the heart, although I am uncertain about the placement

    The menu bar and others are not the direction we like I am afraid.

    About #49, @josepcm
    • @th1 Thank you so much for the feedback, i will change the heart placement and change the menubar/other icons to meets your direction if you choose as the winner, i will provide unlimited revision and folllow your direction guide until you're satisfied. Once again thank you so much for the feedback.

  • th1
    I am eliminating this one to focus on your other entry, which I like more.

    About #36, @wahid.afgani96
  • th1
    Thank you for this one also. Unfortunately I think it get a little too busy, and that is why I am eliminating it. #48
  • th1
    I am eliminating this to focus on your other entries. #39
  • th1
    I am eliminating this since it is like #46 :-) #37
  • th1
    Thank you for the suggestion. I am eliminating this to focus on your previous
    About #53, @mohdnajeeb786
  • hope you love this sir :) #50
  • Local and less icon, i hope you like it. Revision is unlimited if you choose me as a winner.

    thank you. #49
  • hope you like this one.. :)
    i make some change on the design #48
  • th1
    Thank you for trying different color variations. We have orange, dark grey and white to play with only.
    About #42, @wenxDesign
  • th1
    This placement of the heart will unfortunately not work on a map. About #43, @wenxDesign
  • i try play with the colors
    hope you like that
    thanks :) #42
  • hope you like this one sir :) #41
  • th1
    Thank you for your suggestion. Also thank you for putting an effort in to the presentation and explain your thought to me.

    I like the way your icon are very integrated. I like your food icon.

    The experiences I am afraind I do not understand?

    The wellness icon is not as strong as the food.

    I do like the colorcombination on the standard, nonactive. The selected is not really working. The favorite should use a heart and not a star. I really would like the favorite heart to be orange. Perhaps try to play with the color scheme?

    About #36, @wahid.afgani96
  • th1
    Please see my comment for # 37. Can you explain the different stages for this version of mapicon?

    About #38, @mohdnajeeb786
  • th1
    Can you please explain: what does the map icon look like when it is not selected as a favorite?

    About #37, @mohdnajeeb786
  • th1
    Can you let me know what the favorite look like in this version?

    thank you.
    About #39, @mohdnajeeb786
  • th1
    Please see my comments for # 32

    About #31, @wenxDesign
  • th1

    I still think your previous version was better.

    This version of the food I do not like.

    The main problem now, is the illustration for favorite. How to indicate on the icon that one is a favorite. Either with a heart or in some other way. And without it looking to busy.

    In regards to colors, I dont think you ar eusing the correct orange?

    Perhaps you can play with the colors?

    About #32, @wenxDesign
  • th1
    Thank you for your suggestion.

    I like that you have used the pin from the logo. But unfortunately the category illustration is too small/detailed to be distinct on the map.

    The rest of the icons are not the style we are looking for. The are too "square". No shopping carts and shop with canopy's please.
    About #33, @mohdnajeeb786