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This has been a very interesting competition, with lots of wonderful suggestions. Unfortunately not one was "the one", and I will not be using the designs. However, I would like to show my appreciation for the efforts by rewarding the price to not just one, but 4 designers. DesignContest has very kindly allowed me to do so and will split the price between the 4 accordingly. Thanks again.


Thank you all for your entries. I will review and either extend the competition or chose a winner :-)

PLEASE READ THE FULL BRIEF AND PDF. I am not looking for a new logo. This is an icon contest :-)

"Local and Less" is a marketing app for local businesses, physical shops only. A business can create campaigns with offers. A personal user of the app can but the deals directly from the app.

We have created the main of the app, but have a few icons, that needs to be developed. For others we already have icons but would like a second opinion.

Priority is these 6 icons:

  • 3 Category/Map icons
  • Menubar icon: shop icon
  • Other: approving business icon
  • Promotional code: advent icon

All icons should fit into the app design in style. Modern, Simple with a twist.  App images are included in the brief.

Please ask any questions you need.

The icons we need are:

3 Category/Map icons

  • These are the icons, that describes the category of the offer. It is the most important icons, and the best category icons will win the contest.

6 Menu bar icons

  • Those are icons in the menu bar. They describe the functionality in each section. We have some drafts, which can be used, but would like a second opinion. Please no shopping cart icon.

5 Other icons

  • We are showing some confirmation screens to the user. They have an icon that illustrates the pending function. We have some drafts, which can be used, but would like a second opinion.

1-2 Promotional code icons.

  • We have an illustration for a promotional code. We have some drafts, which can be used, but would like a second opinion.

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