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Winning design #26 by Sequoia, Icon Design for Luxury dog clothing and accessory online shop Contest
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designed by Sequoia

Project description

I need the illustration - which appears below - to be slightly altered. I have bought it from and have the licence to use it, but there is a prohibition on using the image as a "logo", which I would like to do.

I need the image to be as near to the one uploaded as possible, with just some changes to avoid copyright issue. I love the elegant, line-drawn effect of the image.

I will be using the image in animation on a website, so may well need to have a multiple versions of it in assorted poses, in order to help the website creators/coders make the image ""walk" across the screen.

I need to be able to use this illustration on websites and on hard copy (eg business cards, letterheads etc), but (despite what is said elsewhere in this Contest), I AM UNAWARE WHAT SIZE IT SHOULD THEREFORE BE IN. Please advise.

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  • Good! You are so great! This one and #14 are my two favourites. I just need to decide which arm position out of those two designs I prefer. Can we do a final revision of #14, with the same tail as this one and also slightly amend the fingers on #14's left hand, so they are not so long and "pointy"? Did you see my other contest? x
  • No problem! bigger doggy tail and arm closer to body :)
  • Really nice! Is that the closest that we can go with her arm on the left side of her body? It still sticks out a little bit too wide? The dog's tail could still be a bit bigger also... Thanks for looking at my other contest!
  • Absolutely! :) I will check your other contest :) Here are the changes you asked for, how do you like it so far?
  • Thank you again! This is definately my favourite design. However - please don't be cross - can I see a revision with the arms down again as in #10 (sorry!!)? Can we just put her arms, in that same position as #10, but a bit closer to her body? That should again help to narrow the overall width of the design. The dog is great, thank you. Might we be able to make the dog's tail a BIT bigger though? I'd really like to be able to clearly see it wagging as the girl and dog walk across the page! By the way, have you seen my other contest on here? It's for the artwork for the main 1st and 2 page of the website that this girl and dog is going to be in. If you think this contest is fun, you might also be interested in having a go at that one?!? i'd love to see your designs... Thank you. M
  • Hello there Marianne, here are the changes you requested. Did I get your right with the doggy? (Fun bussines idea by the way) :)
  • This is really lobvely, but I am now confused. This seems to be almost identical to drawing #9, which I was worried was too similar to the original (and hence may get me into breach of copyright issues). Did you post the right drawing? Also, can you make the dog more fluffy, or culy, to match the hair, so that (again) it looks less like the dog in the original?
  • Sorry about the likeness - completely original drawing this time.
  • Hi marianne, how do you like it like this? :)
  • Sorry but this looks a little bit too "childish".
  • Sorry again Sequoia, but drawing #10 looks to have darker/thicker lines than drawing #12. (Drawing #12 seems to have the same line darkness/thickness of drawing #8.) I really lined the darkness/thickness of the lines in drawing #10. In making drawing #12, did you amend the right one (i.e. #10, not #8)? Hope that's not too confusing?!?
  • Oh yes, this is lovely! Thank you. Sorry, but can ehr arms be brought in SLIGHTLY closer to her body, (so that the overall width of the image is a bit narrower). Also, can the cute dog be made a tiny bit smaller. Personally I love it jus as it is, but this drawing will be used in a high-end dog clothes website and I would like to animate the drawing so that the dog's tail wags. I think the dog may need to be a TINY bit bigger and the tail clearer, in order to be able to see the tail wagging?
  • Hi marianne, how do you like it like this? :)
  • See comments at ##7 & 9
  • See comments at ##7 & 9
  • I prefer the line thickness of #9 and 7. I fear that all 4 drawings are just that bit too similar to the original though.
  • I prefer the line thickness of #9 and 7. I fear that all 4 drawings are just that bit too similar to the original though.
  • See coments at #10. This is good, although the lines seem slighter darker on @10, which I prefer. M
  • This one is lovely. I prefer it to #8, because the lines seem to be a bit darker? It is getting a lot closer to what I am looking for. Can the face and hair be perhaps made just a TINY bit clearer? I don't want to see much detail - as in the original, you can only JUST about see her eyes - but on this drawing her hair and face seem to be mrged into one. Also, can she stand on her tip-toes perhaps, as in the original and also her left lower arm and hand is a bit wide. This may cause problems on business cards etc if the overall image width is too wide... Thanks heaps though! M
  • Thank you, but I much prefer the sketchy, line-drawing effect, without any parts coloured in or too thick lines.