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Winning design #34 by Swasti, Icon Design for Mascot / Character Design... Contest
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designed by Swasti

Project description

The project is to create a new mascot that will look more friend, and more "complete" than this one. Redesigning him to look completely different is certainly an option, so please take into consideration the actual website look... Its important that he fits correctly into the design, and isn't a sore-thumb. So please take into consideration the details of him, his appearance, what hes wearing, etc... and make him fit correctly. The actual website design can be found here:

Please ensure that you consider the overall design, and look of the mascot, and make him happy, we don't want any sad mascots, because the website design... is happy. So please try to keep all the mascots as friendly as possible... Also, we want him to be UNIQUE... something that is easily recognizable.

Additional Items:

1. The mascot as far as we're aware will never be animated. However, there is a slight possibility that it might be.
An idea comes to mind, where perhaps the character at the bottom of the page, moves a little side-to-side or does
something with his feet… dependent on the character.

2. It would be nice if he was some sort of creature I guess would be one of the best ways, as a human would be harder
to pull of when it comes to design.

3. We need something like this. However, something that is better than this. We're just showing this to show you the quality
marker that we're looking for:
Something friendly....

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  • Not bad at all. However, perhaps something that people could feel more comfortable with? We need something that is more human-friendly and more warm... why blue? perhaps making it something more colorful... something more warm and funny.
  • This is pretty cool, but we need it to look a little more colorful, not so blue... but with more people.. and more friendly. Blue is just the color that was chosen... but doesn't have to be the color that is kept.
  • ok...just thought I would try something new, never did a mascot before. If i can think of anything new for you I'll put it up. Thanks for the feedback.
  • You are not allowed to use clipart or existing designs in logo contests, Why would you think it ok to use the frosted flakes tiger?
  • Not sure how he would fit into the design, this looks pretty much like a Banana.
  • This is more or less just a copy of what we already have... we need something serious with detail, etc...not an illustrator 10 second job.
  • This looks like Hanky the Christmas poo, just extremely pixelated. We need something in high-res... and something that looks pro...
  • Seems too dark, and not sure how this would fit in... looks a little strange, we need a mascot, not so much some dark object on a dark background.
  • This seems a little weird, I'm not sure how it can fit into the current design, I don't think it would work at all.... it seems not to be anything like the current website.
  • This doesn't really play into the design at all. Please check the website design...
  • You are not allowed to use clipart, you used a design that already exists and found here
  • #26 and 27 Because your company is a web hosting I was thinking of servers and uploading media
  • Something different but simple, i think it fits with the friendly theme but if there's anything that you'd wanna change then let me know :)
  • the little running funny green icon with a yellow tie to indicated how fast and professional your company are. the color green is to show the younger fresh look of the company/product. thanks
  • #20 Hi CH, i just create this little funny green icon with a big google eye and a warm smile hope you like it. the icon is in the 'running' position to show how fast the company meet the client's need. about the name speedyshack is just a name to show the overall design. thanks
  • Perhaps someone with more smiles?
  • I don't believe that it will fit into the site design?
  • Seems to be in the wrong direction
  • Doesn't quite fit I don't believe.
  • Could you show me this in context?