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Jeanne's creative work was very profesional. She was very responsive and creative. I would highly recommend her for design work.


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Winning design #11 by Jeanne, Icon Design for MoneyTrax, Inc. - Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Jeanne

Project description

I'm looking for 15 icons's representing the following:

House, Automobile, College, Food, Clothing, Entertainment, Travel,
House Insurance, Automobile Insurance, Life Insurance, Medical
Insurance, Disability Insurance, Long-Term Care Insurance, Umbrella
Insurance, Wills & Trusts

These are for a program that is used by financial advisors to help families understand how their money works. Currently, we are using pictures, but I want a new set of icons that represent these items.

I'm looking for a single color or two color set of icons that will fit into the look and feel of the program's graphics (see program screen-shots attached

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  • Jeanne, Anastasiia, JoJo -

    All of you did great work. I'm doing an internal vote today and will award winner by tomorrow. Thanks!
  • About #8, @Anastasiia
    One last thought, the car looks sleek, but a little too low profile, need to make it a bit taller to fit the rest of the icon's general size.
    • @mark9 Thank you so much for comments! Here are updates #18 and #19 with round and rectangle icons. Any further feedback would be great! Kind regards

  • Change some icons and try other style for circles. More contrast when colour of circles is light grey. I can add glare and combine all my work
  • About #10, @Jeanne
    also, for the first 7, please make the blue icons a little bigger so they fill in more of the grey button - about the same size as the shields.
  • About #10, @Jeanne - getting really close. Car looks kinda fat, slim it out a bit, entertainment should be movie / music icons, and travel suitcase needs to be a bit wider. Wills and Trusts need to be inside a shield like the other insurance items. Great work.
  • About #8, @Anastasiia

    Also, no titles please. We will have rollover help in the actual program. Thx.
  • Insurance icons other style #10

    (it's can be hover actually)
  • I made all the icons as simple as possible. Because the visitors has less than a second to understand what they needs. This shouldn't be the illustration. It's icon and should be "read" immediately. If you like this, I can make any changes. All icons are vector and can be any size, any colours, any circles style. #9
  • About #8, @Anastasiia - I like the shade of blue. For the life insurance, I like an image of two adults with a child between them. For the Long Term Care, I like an image of a old man using a walker, not a cane. The rest look good. I need these inside a button graphic because in the program the user can click on them to bring up other screens. Thanks.
  • Dear @mark9! Check please my entry #8 and feel free to comment.

    Kind regards
  • I like the look of this button. It looks 3d and the showing is nice. Just reverse the colors so the icons are darker blue and the button fill is lighter grey. #3
  • I do not like the hands representing insurance. I think the shield as the insurance indicator. #5
  • About #4, @jojo_cumi
    I like the icons.
    I want the outline of the icon to be a darker blue. 007DC3.
    I would like the icons in a button / circle with the fill being light grey like the tube / pipe color in the PEM.
  • MoneyTrax Icons Collection..
    waiting for your feedback :)
    **I used the color in the attached pictures but we can change it as you like** #7
  • MoneyTrax Icons Collection..
    waiting for your feedback :)
    **I used the color in the attached pictures but we can change it as you like** #6
  • MoneyTrax Icons Collection..
    waiting for your feedback :)
    **I used the color in the attached pictures but we can change it as you like** #5
  • I'm looking for icons a little more lively, more modern, more perceived movement. #1
  • These will be on the white background of that tank picture we call the Personal Economic Model so I think they would stand out better if they were not in boxes, but blue in color so they can stand out on the white background. #1
  • I'm not liking the check mark for the idea of insurance. need a shield or something. #1
  • Like the shield, but not the disaster. Just the house, car,.. #2