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Winning design #39 by Rocky30, Icon Design for MPS Emotional Icons Contest
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designed by Rocky30

Project description

Marzano Psychological Services has a new logo and we need a set of icons to match. These icons must express the major emotions of life and will be used to promote our psychology practice. The icons must look professional yet be appealing to both adults and children. A potential client should be able to relate to and feel that the icons expresses their emotions. Icons are required for the following emotions/issues: Happy Sad Angry Confused Tied Anxiety Stress Fear Relationship issues Sick/unwell Please see our logo attached. Please match the colours. We would like icons designed to mirror the OLO. Please be unique in your expressions.

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  • from your brief is not clear if you want emoticons or a logo, can you be more specific?
    • This comp is for emoticons but we are wanting to change the logo down the track. I didnt know how to set up two comps and link them.

  • I think the icons are cute but we are looking for a more professional look. I don't like the use of the dark blue as we are removing that colour from our logo. I would prefer the use of a mid grey. Not sure about the hair and arms
  • I think these are too basic and people would struggle to recognise the different emotions.
  • Hello, tell me please if I am in the right direction or you need something different, perhaps simpler or more like an drawing ... For what do you need the icons?
  • Hi...and what do you think about those new icons? Tell me please if are in the right direction and if you wanted different colors or more brilliant. Thanks.
  • Need icons to not be gender specific.
  • These are too simple now.
  • Dear Pina, please check at #6... Feel free to give me direction to make it better.. Hope you like it :)
    • |--|

      erkou {*wrote*}:
      Dear Pina, please check at #6... Feel free to give me direction to make it better.. Hope you like it :)
      |--| I am not a fan of the over exaggerated mouth expressions with the red tongue. ie: happy and tied 1. I like the style and personality of them though.

  • Hi Pina, revised as you command, please check at #7... If you still need more improvement feel free to telling me.. :)
  • I would like to see options with each icons in a different colour. eg: red angry, anxiety green etc.
  • I would like to see a version of this with mid/dark grey rather than dark blue.
  • I am not a fan of the wide mouth on happy, angry and stressed. I like the sophistication of the icons.
  • Can you please consider doing a multi colour version for me. Thanks
  • Hello Pina, here my other submit #8.. You can see my related logo design at your other contest.. Hope you like it.. If you need some improvement, fell free to telling me.. :) regards Erkou
  • I like these however we are looking for icons that are different to the typical emoticons. We fear these ma be too similar in appearance to the everyday icons you can attach with an email message.
  • Thanks for your entry. These icons are a bit extreme. We'd like our patients to be able to see their emotions in and relate to these icons. I fear they may be scared away as due to the extreme mood of these icons they look a bit crazy.
  • Good effort. The eyebrows, eyes, mouth and nose do not have to be the exact copy of the OLO. For example try's some slanted eyebrows for angry, you can change the shape of the eyes, add colour to the white in the eye (red). Even try giving it a face/head. It just has to fit in with the logo. Thank you for your effort so far.
    • First of all thankyou. after choosing me winner i will give you the changes in the logo design what you want not need to extend the contest. second in icons design i will try my level best to give you good shot thank you once again

  • Entry 10 is back in the contest, sorry for any issue this may have caused thank you Thank you
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      sharie {*wrote*}:
      To all designers, you can not copy entry #9, you have to be original and unique Thank you
      |--| Dear Sharie We have asked that designers base their icons on the winning entry for our logo. We have asked them to use the OLO. Please see brief. Did you eliminate entry #10?

    • Sharie we have chosen a logo from another contest. Unfortunately this website has required two separate contests for this process. We will shortly own this logo and require that the icons match the OLO as per design 9. The designer from design 9 has won our logo competition and we asked him to submit entry 9. When we asked Sajid he advised it would be difficult for him to come up with these icons. We want the best icons for our business. We want other designers to use this design and be original and unique in the expressions for each icon. Please restore number 10 and please do not discourage other designers for their efforts,

    • Please advise if we can continue with the contest in this way,

    • Thank you Sharie

  • your entry is just like highest rated entry 9
  • Hi CH, my first draft with reference to your other contest and favour for something to mirror OLO I hereby submit my first design for your consideration. #10