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Winning design #28 by Paeon, Icon Design for New business needs distinctive logo or font to make a lasting impression. Contest
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designed by Paeon

Project description

Iwernia is the oldest known name of the island of Ireland so please remember this when choosing a font. Our Motto is " The best of Irish design" We have always favoured greens, greys & browns but please feel free to be creative. We do not like cartoons, shamrocks or leprechauns but do like strong stand alone fonts.

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  • First off, the ornamental I is a font, not something I created from scratch just for this. Secondly, I wanted to blend that very traditional icon with a clean, modern font and colors. Could be a fit, or maybe not. Thanks!
  • cad
    How about #2?
  • cad
    About #1 Dear CH, What do you think about it? Regards
  • Dear Contest Holder, Designs #25, #26, and #27 are my latest revisions. I played around with some color options as you requested and I also added a shadow to designs #26 and #27. Please let me know if you want to see any other changes! Sincerely, Claunch Design Studio
  • about #20 #21 and #22 I hope you find these desgins timeless. Some are with a gradient colour and others in flat so that you can see the difference. I have created a symbol in #20 as well as #21 that can stand alone. I also used a strong font that is just as well alone as with the element. I welcome any and all comments. Thanks.
  • about #19 dear CH, I removed the swirls and also the bottom line. Hope you like it. Thank you!
  • Hi CH, I deleted the logo and added a circle border. I hope this is better! Thanks.
  • and #16 are simple yet they have the celt feel to it, hope you like it. Feedback would be of much help. thank you
  • NO colored or special background effects are allowed unless requested bu CH.
  • about #12 and #13 Here you have a simple design with stong font that can stand alone or with the initial cap. I welcome any feedback that might impove the look for you.
  • Submitting #10 and #11 as font options for #8. Thank you.
  • This is very nice, could you play around with some colours please? Could you remove or replace the swirls on the bottom line please? Definitely the right direction.
  • We like this, could you change around the colours please?
  • We like the fonts but the logo does not do it for us.
  • I like the logo. Could you try a different font please?
  • I like the simplicity, could we see a few revisions with more colours or shades please.
  • Dear Contest Holder, Design #9 is a very simple and elegant design. The font I chose has a nostalgic Celtic style to enhance the deep roots of the word Iwernia. I decided to stick with green and brown for the color scheme to keep the design simple and fresh. In the brief you mentioned that you prefer stand alone fonts, so this design is simple with no extra flourishes or graphics. Please feel free to request any changes! Sincerely, Claunch Design Studio
  • Another idea with a simple Celtic knot wrapped around the iconic I.
  • Dear Contest Holder, Designs #34 and #35 are my newest revisions. I decided to change the color to a traditional Irish Kelly green and I also incorporated a Celtic knot. The knot is completely original and designed by me, so you won't see another one like it. Please feel free to request any changes! Sincerely, Claunch Design Studio