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Winning design #14 by pureart, Icon Design for Pon  Power Contest
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designed by pureart

Project description

Safety Mascot We work in a 14.000 people large organisation that makes everything from engines, bikes, tires and rental solutions in many small companies. We wish to make a positive safety mascot that can fit in through out all our companies. We are thinking in the lines of a figure that can be equipped with a hard hat and safety glasses, gloves or other things while running safety awareness campaigns. The figure should be of a form that makes it possible to make a doll or teddy at a later time in the process. Our key words are: - Easy recognizable. - encourage positive thinking. - Playful even though safety is important. - Possible to use in many settings and on different platforms. We will not give more away now but promise to give lots of feedback when we get entries. Good luck

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  • Hi! I couldn't understant your demand clearly. You want an icon that you can put in safety mascot and others. And this icon should be made by following your keywords. Am I right?
    • We think more in the lines that we would like idears for a mascot as we do not have one to day. So it could be a a symbol through out the company.

  • Should I place any text in my design also? If yes please provide the text. Thanks
    • Hello Galib, no tekst we where thinking in the lines of a figure that we could give a name and implement as our safety mascot in the company.

  • Hello Pure art Can you do an happy Owl with a hard hat and safety glasses ? instead of a bee ??
    • Hi. Sure I can. Will submit owl design tomorrow. Regards

    • Hi, I submitted an owl mascot. Let me know your thoughts. regards

  • Hello galib1992 Thank you for you design but we are more looking for a figure like a dog, man, girl ect.
  • Hey Peetey I like the outlining but maybe a little more details and complex. He should be more slim and with more features ;-)
  • Hey Thank you for the entry I like the outline and the idea, maybe a little to simple. Can you make safety boots that are flying in the air below the figure ? Like the different facial expression. Can you make a super happy face and a really angry one if we would use it to grade different safety situations ? If you get my meaning. Thanks in advance
    • Hello Peter. Thanks for positive score on my work. The design is simple traces purposely, so that it is easier to manufacture the mascot in a plush format, if you need. Many details can disrupt manufacturing. Will send new variations. Best regards, Mateus Barbosa

  • Hello Pure art I really like this Owl. Can you make it with black safety boots (Maybe where you only can see the front of them) ? Thank you
    • |--|

      Peterschultz {*wrote*}:
      Hello Pure art I really like this Owl. Can you make it with black safety boots (Maybe where you only can see the front of them) ? Thank you
      |--| Hi, Sure. I will add the safety boots and post revision soon. regards,

  • Hey I think it looks a little evil and we are going for a Positive figure
  • Hi - I just submitted #17 after seeing you are interested in an owl character. If you choose this as the winner, I can also develop customized versions of this character in-situ as ongoing, one-on-one work through designcontest.com. You may want him in a variety of different scenarios as your company moves forward. I think that any plush toy developer could work with this design to make a huggable version. My two cents: a hand-drawn character can often be warmer and more whimsical than a computer-generated one (no offense to the amazing designers who have already submitted entries). Looking forward to your feedback!