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We are looking for a series of professional email signature block logos for different companies. We have attached a logo (Hunterbrook Farms) that we want you to draw very closely from, with two upright horses. We want the horses to have a 3d embossed metallic feel to them with good detail. Use your creativity and design sense with the font. We also want to have an option with just one horse running in silhouette with the same 3d embossed metallic appearance. For this it will be just the company name underneath it. - Maverick Hospitality (with an M in the middle) - Anasazi Corporation (with an A in the middle) - Sundog Group (with an S in the middle) - Bear Properties (with a BP in the middle) - Brad Perrin (with a BP in the middle)

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  • Dear CH, Here are my new designs I have come up with in difference to my earlier entries, I have added more detail on the horse and a muscular look rather feminine. I have also tweaked the Company name, but we could change or improve it if you wish to.
  • We need a more stylized interpretation of the logo. It cannot be a exact match of the Hunterbrook Farms logo, it needs to appear more designer and stylized. The horses need to appear less feminine as well.
  • About #21, I had the concept for the single horse initially and latched on to that. I had not read the feedback indicating your current direction. However, as I have just now resolved my tech issues and successfully uploaded (I'm new here), I thought you should see my design from a few days ago. Thank you.
  • Biker, this is the right direction, it's very unique. We'd like to see it look less like a medieval coat of arms though. We like how it rolls around at the top. Just style-wise it looks a little like a coat of arms, lets change that. Also, we'd like to go away from red and instead see metallic grey/silver instead.