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Winning design #27 by Amezarak, Icon Design for Real Estate (Listings Search) Button for Website Contest
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designed by Amezarak

Project description

Good evening everyone, I am looking to improve one of my websites graphic work. The button I am looking to create is a "Search Mississauga Condos Now" button that will take the user to a listings page for condominiums. The colours I would like to incorporate are: -vibrant green ( -vibrant blue ( -white -possibly orange like the button at: ( The image for this button should stay consistent with the website where it will be placed at and it will replace the section with the 3 buttons for: -Meet Andrew -Square One Condo Tours -List My Condo Now Thank you to everyone who enters the contest, and good luck to you :) Warm Regards, Andrew/Ab Warm Regards,

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  • Dear CH, I just submitted my design #9 . I made an orange, green and blue version. Feedback is always welcome. Onno
  • Hi CH Here you have #6. Colors you mentioned (except orange), blue and green which you have in the site. #7 is a mockup of the site. Cheers, Andrei
  • Hi Acorsys. The buttons are under the headings -Meet Andrew -Square One Condo Tours -List My Condo Now Thank you for your submission. Andrew/Ab
  • Hello, Can you please tell me exactly where are the buttons (links) that must be replaced in the website? I've looked on the website but I'm not sure if I understood correctly. Thank you
  • Whoops, sorry I mean #19 is mine. Sorry about that GllmLgr.
  • Hello CH, I have posted #18 for your review. I am looking forward to feedback from you.
  • #18 I did another version with smaller buttons, to allow you to compare with bigger buttons. Regards,
  • Please, see my new design #17. Thank you .
  • Please, see my new design #16. Thank you .
  • #12 and #15 I was confused as to what text you wanted on the button(s). So I have created two designs in the same theme just in case. I have also shown how the button could work on the website. I think it matches well with the colours of the website and I have also taken the header on the website into account. Thank you for your time.
  • #11 I just submitted a 1st draw. Please tell me your feelings about it. I don't know if you want just simple buttons like them or if you would like us to design a all new "Meet Andrew" square with the picture etc. Gllm.
  • Hi CH Indeed, clarification on size would be great... Cheers Andrei
  • Please, see my new design #20. Thank you .
  • Hi Andrew, I just need some clarification on the size of the button.. are you looking for a button that's closer to the size of #5 (which would eventually cover/replace the headings Meet Andrew, Square One Condo Tours, List My Condo Now)? Thanks
  • Hello everyone. You are all missing the concept here. The closest to what I am looking for is # 19, and I am looking for a button that pops out of the page with a 3D Vector Style effect. Please try to re-create your buttons along these guidelines. Thank you everyone! Andrew
  • I understand what you were trying to create here, but it looks very messy and confusing.
  • 2-dimensional design.
  • This is a copy-cat entry.
  • Dear CH - please take a look at #34. The orange may be a bit brighter - the truth is that how it looks depends on a monitor that somebody uses. Hope you like it. Kind regards
  • Hi, on #32 changed to a brighter blue, also fixed the 'search' icon with an improved graphic. Thanks!