replace jacked dude with ripped chick

Interesting. needs some serious interface improvements (my curse-per-minute rate went up sharply every time I came to the site). However, the quality of artists here is great, and the communication style seems to work here. We definitely got what we needed.


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Winning design #9 by nlroop, Icon Design for replace jacked dude with ripped chick Contest
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designed by nlroop

Project description

We've been putting out workout plans for men, and we're planning on putting one out for women very soon. To that end, we want to replace the hard-looking intense dude we're using at the top of our PDF with an equally intense fit chick doing pretty much the same exercise (a deadlift), but with the following modifications: * replace red spikey stuff with blue "fire" * should have hair (not bald like the dude :) We need a vector graphic made for this. You can see the "dude" picture in question here:

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  • I'm going to scribble that for you...maybe it's ready today!
  • You made the perfect spirit for this icon in terms of the woman's facial expression and musculature -- even the flames are the right angle -- but the graphic style on the whole doesn't really work for us. I realize you tried to match the style of the "dude" icon, but the heavy lines and blocky shapes aren't the right feeling for a female icon.
  • CH, I wanted to say thank you for the great example and new comments, it will really help! - Naomi
  • Actually, THIS woman's form is picture-perfect: And let's make the flames look a little more like they're coming from the woman's body, and put feet on her... and have a ponytail instead of flowing hair.
  • About #1 Hello CH, I just wanted to let you know I read your comments and looked at the images of Nia Shanks I'm working on revisions today and I'll post them as soon as possible. Thank you for the comments. :D Sincerely, Naomi
  • To all: Go search Google Images for "Nia Shanks deadlift", to see what it looks like when a badass female does a deadlift right! (She takes a wider stance usually, but otherwise her form is canonically perfect.)
  • This is awesome. Really like the Marvel comics style of the face and the fact that she's obviously exerting herself, though I'd like to see just a smidgen more detail in the face and arms (a little more "effort" showing in the muscle and a little more detail of facial features).
  • Hello CH, I first wanted to say that I enjoyed designing this logo. I hope you like it. If you would like to see any modifications to the logo, please feel free to let me know. Thank you and have a great day! - Naomi
  • About #9 and #10 Hello CH, I posted two more examples of my design, I am still working on a couple more designs but please let me know what else you would like to see different. Again, I'm having fun with different ideas for this design. Thanks, Naomi
  • Same as 12 with some minor changes and more detail in eye and gloves.
  • I submitted a couple of files in a zip folder. I wasn't exactly sure about everything you wanted so I sent a couple of different files. Please let me know if you would like any revisions or additional files. Thank You, Naomi
  • Hello CH, First I wanted to say thank you for deciding on my design. I really enjoyed creating this icon for you. What file types would you like? You are still interested in 300in x 300 inches correct? Thank you again, Naomi
  • I am try to modified in hand in #18, hope you like it.
  • I try to modificate face in #17. I guess, it become more friendly.
  • Hi CH, Please, look at my logo #16. Maybe you like it :) Sincerely, Nina
  • Hello CH, I just submit this logo. I hope you like it. If you want any modifications to the logo, please to let me know. Thank you Javed