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Winning design #27 by HappyGD, Icon Design for Small office Illustration Contest
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designed by HappyGD

Project description

For our homepage we need an illustration of our office made from a photo. The office need to be easily recognized from the illustration. In style it could be something like: or

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  • Hello, I have a few questions about the illustration —- Does the illustration have to be one of those styles (the istockphoto links in the brief), or are those styles only a suggestion? I'm asking because I could provide a much more detailed illustration if that's something you think you may like to use on your website. —- Does the illustration have to be the same angle/view of your office as in the photograph, or would you like to see it at a different angle? —- What type of file would you like to receive at the end? Do you have a preference (Photoshop, Illustrator, PDF, jpeg, ...etc). Thankyou
    • No, It does not need to be that kind of style. The illustration is going to replace the picture on this page: Any suggestions that would look good as an replacement for the picture is welcome. It could be a different angle if it makes sense. In the end we just need a .jpeg-file, but a photoshop-file would be nice to keep.

    • Thankyou for your response. It may take a few days but I will send you the design as soon as it is ready.

  • Dear CH, please check my design entries i hope you like my idea appreciated feedback thanks
    • Hi rajagee, I think #2 is nice. The mountains in the right upper corner could look a bit more like the actual ones from the picture, and maybe some more details from the street in front. But not bad at all:) Also a logo on the sign on the side of the building would be nice. You can see the logo on this page:

  • Hey CH could you upload a picture of your office so I can start working on the vector image? Thanks
    • Sorry. Forgot that somewhat important picture of the office:) I have uploaded it now.

  • GJR
    Hi, I've submitted #6. I hope you like it. I have used a warmer colours than the photograph to make it feel idyllic and inviting. I also omitted some detail to keep a clean feel to the illustration. If you would like the colours to be closer to the photo or more detail in the illustration please let me know. It is a vector illustration which means it can be scaled to any size necessary without loss in quality. Many Thanks.
  • Hello, I have submitted #5. It’s a preview of my work in progress. There are still more details and other elements I need to complete. The illustration is completely digitally painted, and it is high-resolution quality so if you like it can be used for print and publications as well. I will submit the next version when the illustration is complete. Thankyou
  • It would be nice if you could see the sales-items(houses and apartments) in the window as you can in window #2 on the photo. It is A4 pages showing the sales items. If it is possible a winter-version of the office with snow would also be very nice.
    • Hello, sorry for the delay. The illustration took longer to complete than originally anticipated. #24 reveals a winter scene version of your office. The A4 sales-items have also been added inside the window

  • Nice entries. It would be nice with the office and maybe the mountain cut out in a way so it would fit the webpage and not be a big "square" of a pic on the page...
    • Thankyou. I believe I know what you mean, similar to #17?

    • Yes, something like that. But it does not necessarily have to fate out, but it could be a solution.

    • #20 without the mountain range and sky in the background

  • and no trees.
  • GJR
    Hi, thanks for the ratings. I've submitted #23, #22, #21 with reflective windows and with different backgrounds. Could you let me know which background you prefer so I can work on a winter version? Many Thanks.
  • Hello CH, here are my entries #25 #26 It's not finished but I wait your opinion for continue
  • Hello, I'm just checking back if you had any comments or feedback, or if there's something else you had in mind that you would like to see. Thanks
    • The one with snow is really nice! If you can make one without snow where the office is the same as with snow, that would be great. Thanks

    • Thank you for your kind words, I'm glad you like your office illustration! I hope I am interpreting your comment correctly: #27 shows your office from the winter scene without snow and icicles

  • Hello again, With the contest about to close, I'm just letting you know that I'll make both the summer and winter scenes available to you (in both web/screen and print formats). I enjoyed working on this illustration and I hope it's something you can use for many years!