Solar Heated Microfluidic Chip

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Project description

I am looking for a clean, 3D, version of the image shown on the link below.

The image shows a cross sectional view of a microfluidic channel next to a black absorber region that light is being shined on.

It should be without the words and show some how sun shining on a black absorber next to a fluid channel with circulating flow. It would be good if somehow it could be communicated by the image that the sun shining on the black area is causing the chip to heat up locally. If it were possible it would also be great if an "array" of these chambers could be shown on a single microfluidic chip. A microfluidic chip typically looks something like the below in practice...

As far as size, Please make it 4 by 6 inches but we are flexible

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  • Hi I have been watching this contest and see no attempts yet. do you want it to look very simular to just more 3d? also 600 x 400 inches is sooo big....... is that right? and is the black absorber area the place you want to see an image like this only heated up mabe in red with a shape of a sun with rays shining on it?
  • heyy ch,.... being from the science stream ur project attracted me.... so i created a 3d representation of what u wanted..#3 ne suggestions accepted!!
  • Dear Contest Holder, This is my first concept for your 3D Solar Heated Microfluidic Chip illustration. I read the brief as well as your comment carefully in order to better understand the idea behind this process. As of now, I understand the "absorber" to be the heat absorption point which powers the chips without overheating it. I tried to convey this by creating a gradient which goes from red (warm) to blue (cool). This design is very simple, but I can create a more 3D appearance if needed. This submission was more of an attempt to clarify what you need for this design. If I can do anything to make this design better please let me know! Sincerely, Marleighna Claunch
  • This is quite a bit too busy, as you say, I want something more like the current image, just 3D. The black absorber is essentially just a black spot in an otherwise more transparent chip. It would be inside the chip, not surrounding it. It should have been 600 by 400 pixels, not inches. Thanks for catching that. I will edit the entry.
  • This is getting closer, but the portion beside the black absorber should look more like a fluid channel and it would be good if it could be extended back in 3D.
  • I think the images are getting too complex. Essentially what I need is just a nicer version of the sample image, perferably in 3D. All the above images are too fancy on the chip (please forget the sample image pointed to in the original description, it appears to have taken us in the wrong direction). They should also not be "floating" in free space.
  • Hi CH, could you please let me know? will whole project be in one device? please clarify more details and if it is possible, please give us an artwork or a photo of chip. thanks in advance.
  • The "chip" that everybody seems to use is not what I am looking for. That was just an example of what a chip looks like. I would suggest just making a version of the sample image extended back in 3D
  • These entries are a little more "abstract" than what I'm looking for. #4 by ahammad... has a good "sun" in it, but I guess I would like the chip to look a little more like the sample image but extended out in 3D. The "chip" that all images show is not like the one I would like.
  • Hello CH, I just posted two versions of the image, slightly different from the first one. I hope you seem to like this a little better. I tried to keep is clean and not to confusing. I wasn't quite sure how close the absorber channel should be to the channel with the water circulating. I know there is only 5 hours left but if you have any other comments, please let me/us know. Thank You, Naomi
  • Hi CH, I just posted a new design, thanks a lot for your feedback. Regards, Yann
  • #24 Hi CH, thanks for giving positive feedback. I have submitted a revised file. please check it and give me feedback or any correction if you have. best regards Hanif
  • This is good too. Please see comments below regarding others.
  • This is good too. Please see comments below regarding others.
  • This is getting there. The channels however should extend from the front of the frame to the back rather than from side to side. The side of the largest block should be closed. The black absorber region should also be a solid block and extend from the front to the back. It would be good if the aspect ratio of the "chip" were such that it were thin in height and extended back a long way.
  • About #23 which is a slight color variation of #22... I've made the arrows simple and less curvy and made a fluidic channel next to the absorber and kept the sun rays realistic avoiding too much of arrows... regards, aditya1992
  • Dear CH, Working off your previous remarks I had straightened the sun arrows and made other minor improvements. Included is the square fluid tubing indicating the direction of heat transfer. Is the exploded view working or would you like a more 2 dimensional view? Regards, Qbear
  • Hey ch, can u specify whether u need the microfluidic chip as mentioned in ur brief or not??
  • See comments below to #11
  • If you could also make the light rays look a little less "wavy" and straighter that would also help.