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Winning design #28 by SpyMouse, Icon Design for TopList Contest
Gold Medal

designed by SpyMouse

Project description

We need our existing company logo to be transfered into a clean, nice, glossy icon for the PC and web applications. So basically we just need one singular existing company logo as an icon in various resolutions incl. a more glossy, professional look. Icon sizes should be typically from 256x256 down to 16x16 pixels for Win.ico files and also the typical icon sizes for iphone & ipad. Please also refer to the following blog about the iphone/ipad icon sizes: General notes here: but more important ALL the sizes and various formats for Apple related icons at the moment: If you have any questions regarding sizes and formats, you can always contact us through our website (Kontakt). Final rendering should incorporate transparent background and white or shaded background (so basically two sets of the same icon). Unfortunately we only have a .gif file of our original logo at hand. Our company logo can be downloaded at: Basic design should not be altered. Font is black and dots/triangle are red (RGB 230.0.0), so any shading, gloss, effects should use these values as the darkest tone. The registered trademark "R" sign should be incorporated into the upper right corner of the last letter "T" of our company name (example: quite similar to the "TM" in the official DotNetNuke logo). For very small icon sizes (16x16, 24x24, maybe also 32x32) the logo can be altered with the text "TLC" instead of the full name "TopList", but the red elements (dots & triangle) should stay. And of course very small icons do not need the underline text "Communications". Apart from that any effects on the edges and colors of the fonts and graphic elements are welcome to get a new, fresh, modern, shiny or glossy or metallic etc. look and feel for the logo. And another important global info: Since there is already an existing "Registered Trademark" for our company name AND the logo (including design) the overall look and the basic elements cannot be altered, or let's say drastically changed. Of course a tweak here and there, another pretty similar font, effects on the edges of letters, embossing, 3D-like effects, gradients or shine effects etc. are all very welcome.

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  • oh and btw. overall icon frame is almost ideal... not too thick not too thin. very much app style. nice! and the additional 2-color mini iphone logo is also the way to go. could probably also incorporate letters for a test run (TLC most probably).
  • so far so good ;-) at the moment this is the right way to go. the letters pop out nicely, almost with a 3D-like effect. gradients are also nice but still a bit conservative. could also go into a tad more highlighted, shiny or glossy kind of look; more lively i might add... but as i said: fonts already come out VERY nice (almost seems to be cast out of liquid black metal, which is spectacular!)
  • to answer you question: yes, original colors of the fonts and the red elements should stay because it is part of the trademark. So the base color for the fonts is black (RGB 0.0.0) and the red is RGB 230.0.0 From these ground colors you can of course make effects that lighten things up, or shine or swirl or highlight metallic etc. But the base colors should always be recognizable.
  • Hello & thanks for the initial design idea. Very strong, clear transfer of the original, although the frame is much too thick and prominent (especially for an app icon). There is a nice feature on this one which is the accentuated middle red dot inside the "O"-letter. Makes it come out as if it is a bit 3D and the dot seems to even be convexed like a mini dome. That makes it stand out. Possible variations here would be to make the red elements stand out with edges in a kind of 3D-way but use that only on the edges, as if the elemnts themselves still have a flat top.
  • Sorry, although this is a nice idea, it deviates to much from the original trademark design which is not viable because of legal issues. Only for icons in VERY small sizes 32x32 or 16x16 the abbreviation "TLC" plus the additional red elements (or an indication of those) is possible.
  • Hello & thanks for the initial design. Very nice that you incorporated the "R" from "registered" into the last letter already. The round, bubble-like shape is a design which makes the whole logo a bit too retro in our eyes; looks to much like an old TV tube and since only magazines and newspapers are our business this is also not really fitting. The rectangular versions on the right are definitely the direction to go. More effects on the logo elements could help (3D-edges and shine effect or highlights and the like).
  • About #8 Hi, I have gone for a bubble-like theme for this design. I incorporated the ® in the T on TopList. Icons will be provided in these sizes: 512x512, 256x256, 128x128, 64x64, 48x48, 32x32, 24x24 and 16x16 in .ico, .icns and .png iPhone, iPhone Retina, iPad, iPad Retina and iPhone 512x512 in .png
  • do you need the same font color or we can change it
  • Sorry, but i added some additional info into the contest brief that would make clear that the drastic change of the logo into a inverted color scheme (at least the fonts) is an impossible way to go. Also the gradient from dark to lighter red for the buttons and traingle is not giving an overall clean and sharp shiny effect but blurrs the image and seems to even put dirt around the edges. Also not the way to go. The background seems to be a bit dark but is a nice idea with the swirl and gradients.
  • Hello and thanks first of all for you initial design and ideas. Very nice that you included various sizes already. Also the solution with TLC for the smaller icons is at least the right direction. For those mini icons you should probably leave the middle red element out of the picture, put the "L" there and try to only keep the dots below and above and the triangle of course. I have also added a few global infos into the contest brief. I think your start with the gradients is nice but i also altered the sliders in the brief a bit more into a more colorful probably even playful direction. So you could add more in this respect. Although we are dealing professionally with data, statistics and the like we would love a bit more 3D-like embossing and shiny effects which bring out the logo more effectively and massively.
  • Hello and thanks for you initial design and idea. Direction is very nice incl. the app-like button and edges. For the logo itself there is probably more to apply concerning 3D-like embossing or shiny effects. Please also refer to my additional info in the contest brief. I have added a few global infos. And i have changed the sliders a tad into a more lively, colorful look which means you can go a bit further into a playful direction.
  • Thanks, and nice that you incorporated the "R" (registered) into the design. TLC is also OK if you focus on that but unfortunately the overall design of the original logo cannot be altered simply because of the "Registered Trademark" since 1995 which includes not only the company name but also the logo design. Please refer also to my additional info in the contest brief.
  • Dear CH, Please check my entry #3. There's a Toplist logo and icons in 512x512, 256x256, 128x128, 64x64, 48x48, 32x32 and 16x16 sizes.
  • About #22 Hi, I have made 3D style icons for this design. The rounded corners are the correct radius for iPhones and iPads.
  • i believe design for the logo itself is quite good here so far. So could you please concentrate a bit more on the background. Can you make it a bit lighter overall and the upper part more in the direction of white and the grey in the lower part a bit lighter anyway. I know that then the highlight in the middle is then really difficult to realize but i need the whole icon appearance to be a bit more in the direction of white metal (plate), probably not so much grey. At the moment the dots and the lettering can stay that way. I hope the frame is meant to be only the thin grey frameline just around the square background; with the outer dark grey area here in the contest display just meant to be an illustration help and not part of the icon itself (we would not need such a thick frame anyway). So toning the overall appearance of the icon is probably the main focus now. Hope that you can then also get us to at least see a glimpse of what the icon might look like in smaller sizes. I think even for 64x64 you have to get rid of the underline "Communications", maybe even for 128x128, you should best give it a try there. And for really small sizes a switch to the solution with TLC would work best anyway.
  • and btw. the centering of the logo on the whole icon is now better than on the first draft and therefore perfect. the mini iphone icon with the original color scheme is also much better (white backgr., black letters and red dots). If you could lift the TLC lettering up (horizontally, and aligned with the middle red dot) to suggest a resemblance to the original logo, this would also be better i believe.
  • what we also like about this entry is the single highlight in the center coming from behind. as well as the slight wave-like shading running through which mirrors into the triangle when it cuts in at its lower right corner... pretty neat. if the letters are brought out like here it is indeed a good idea to leave the "R" from "registered" out of the letters and still floating at the original location (upper right corner just outside the "T"). for the 3D-like letters the "R" would be just too much to incorporate anyway. so it can stay there.
  • i believe too much of border around the single letters makes the whole lettering a bit too vague and blurry. Also the letters themselves just get bigger and bigger and this way unfortunately not sharper and not really more defined.
  • It is always better to bring out the letters in a crisp and sharply defined way. So a border border around the letters is OK, but it just should not be too much, so that is the reason i already rated the other similar designs you entered with a relatively low rating. The last one is a better approach to reaching a massive and sharp image anyway.
  • Thanks for your initial design approach. Sorry, but "coming out of the mist" is probably not the solution that gives enough punch. Also the frame (plate underneath) is just way too conservative these days.