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Winning design #17 by Probir Ghosh, Icon Design for uNet gifts contest Contest
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designed by Probir Ghosh

Project description

It is well-known that our nearest plans include uNet full launch. Social connections between the users are going to be implemented there. But what kind of communication is that, if there are no gifts, presents and other stuff to express your emotions. I mean small graphic images, which can be exchanged among users. We would like our presents to be the most beautiful and original. That is why we suggest all of you to become a part of gifts-creation process within this contest. The purpose of it is to paint an original gift for the upcoming uNet project. We accept images (painted by you) in the PNG format (size 256х256px). The background should be transparent. Or we can accept flash-animation on one of the suggested themes: Flowers, Romance, Holidays, Prosperity, Food, Business, Cute things Both the idea and its fulfillment will be evaluated. Please, do not copy the ideas from the social networks that already exist. We are looking for smart and original gifts. It is a nice way for the contestants to enrich their portfolio. And it is a perfect way for us to get a well-painted, qualitative gift, which will be used by uNet system users for future exchange. We also consider the possibility of future cooperation with the winner. We are looking forward to your projects!

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  • Hi ch, i have 1 upload credit to send a file. so can i submit some gift icon in a file? or, not?
  • 1. We need a lot of gifts for our project (unet.com). So if you'll make 10 icons (for example) and we'll like them - you will be the winner for sure. But these gifts should be qualitative. Quantity is not so important. We need a qualitative gift in this contest and also a good designer, who want to cooperate with us in the future. 2. Yes, we need source files from the winner. If we will like your image and also you can make animation using your image - that will be your advantage. Just let me know you can do it. In the future we would like to buy your animation for price you'll specify. 3. I'm going to evaluate all images from one designer. For example, Probir Ghosh make one cool image (#12), but other images are... hmm... terrible. And I don't know what to think. It's seems like this last image was not made by himself (I hope it's not so) or he didn't understand the concept of the contest at all (hope he's not) :) I want to show you an example how the images should look like: http://ucoz.ucoz.ru/trash/gifts1.png It's a live example (from the other social network).
  • Dear CH, could you please add to the Brief: 1. How many icons do you need within this contest from each individual designer? 2. Do you need .EPS/.AI/.PSD source files (and .FLV source for flash gifts, BTW we can't show you animated files here.)? 3. How are you going to evaluate the designs: based on each gift icon image or based on the entire set of gift icons (see question 1)?
  • BrownStripe, I see you already fixed the background. I can't wait to see your next gifts, I think you understand the concept of the contest well. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.
  • A 'Get Well Soon' gift! I created this as an example for the 'food' category. I'm not sure If I'm fully understanding the brief. Any assurance would be appreciated so that I can continue to develop further ideas.
  • Dear ch. i upload a last file. but it hava a problem. i don't used any clipart. every file .al (illustrator)file format format. i have less 40 points.thanks.
  • more image, less text
  • Probir Ghosh, I don't have examples of the animation gift. Probably it's time to show how you imagine it :) You can upload the image 256x256 and then let me know it has an animation. I will evaluate your drawing style more than everything else. May be you shouldn't hurry, 8 day left ;)
  • all of my file #17 is vector. i know clipart is not allow. i have all files vector format. but i used photoshop effects. You accept image files, .png format. i make 256px X 256px animation file. but i need examples files, what animation you like. i have only 1 file upload credit.
  • gummy bear pals :)
  • It is the clip art.
  • Was this created using clip art or a photograph? I think that only original vector images are allowed on Design Contest.
  • Hello, Moonlight1. Sure: http://olsiva.ucoz.com/images/gifts/ex1.png http://olsiva.ucoz.com/images/gifts/ex2.png http://olsiva.ucoz.com/images/gifts/ex3.png This style we want to see.
  • Hello uCoz: Please can you detect more examples for the gift icons you want,It will be very useful to present exactly what you want...thanks alot
  • Probir Ghosh, do you mean send a several gifts in 1 file? Of couse you can.
  • You can not use clipart, you have to create these yourself
  • Still "Sorry, designer has not uploaded source files yet." It's weird.
  • Thanks dear ch.i send my all file.
  • Thanks to all participants! Probir Ghosh, congratulations! (I'm waiting for source files and hope for further cooperation!)
  • Probir Ghosh, I'm sorry I really don't know what you mean saying that. Why should it to be a problem (non-using clipart)?