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Design work was great, had a lot of variation. The site itself wasn't too intuitive. The process of finalising the design could have been a lot simpler. I thought I'd finalised and then had a message from the designer asking me to.

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designed by moonart

Project description


United Trade and Industry Ltd (shortened to UNITI) is a trade body representing the interests of companies in the UK.

UNITI has created a series of ‘Professional Standards’ which are designed to be a hallmark of quality and excellence in areas that UNITI members provide services to other businesses, people and organisations.

The Standards relate to specific areas of performance that organisations can measure themselves against. Members displaying the Professional Standard Marks are making a commitment to those that they deal with to demonstrate an enhanced level of service in that particular area.

UNITI has (so far) created four Standards:

  • Welsh Language Standard (for companies providing services in Welsh)
  • Local Authority Standard (for companies providing services to Local Authorities)
  • Education Standard (for companies providing services to Universities/Schools ect.)
  • Healthcare Standard (for companies providing services to Hospitals etc.)

The Brief

UNITI requires the artwork for a series of icons which can be used for each of the Professional Standards.

The icons should have a base design which will be the same for every Professional Standard but should be customised to represent each of the four Standards above.

Each of the four Standards should include a different image and/or words representing the specific theme concerned.

A plain copy of the base icon should also be provided for the use in any future Standards.

All images must be provided in high resolution so that they can be reproduced in a variety of sizes.

The icons should be a visual representation of quality and excellence.

Attached is a draft idea for the base icon created in-house which can be used as a reference point if required. The centre of the image could be used for the specific standards. Designers should not feel compelled to use this as a starting point and it should be noted we require something far more professional looking.

Also attached is our Uniti logo where you may use our branding colours within the icons.

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  • Hello ch, Thank you so much for rating, Please check my new entry included all Standard Different color present each UNITI hopefully you like again thanks #7
  • Hi, feel free to let me know if you need any changes on the design, thank you. #6
  • Hello ch, please check my design hopefully you like appreciated feedback thanks #4
  • About #2, @lalan Much better, but we need the organisation name of 'Uniti' within the designs, and it would also be helpful to have each theme's wording within the designs.
  • About #3, @ruswebdiz Definitely on the right track, but we need the organisation name of 'Uniti' in the designs somewhere.
  • Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I am working on this and I should have it done soon. Thanks!
  • About #1, @lalan The base of the icon very closely resembles the example we made in house, we're looking for something more professional looking.
    • About #1, @adam6 okey

  • We also need text within the icon stating what standard the icon is for. #1
  • We need 4 individual icons creating, each based on the four standards (healthcare, education, location authority / council, etc). The middle of the icon should have an image to represent these. #1