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An icon for a logo must match the look/ feel of the current logo but not identical use.  Should use initials or first letter.  Icon should use "W" or "WE". Should feel modern sophisticated. Should be usable in social media (LinkedIn, FB, Google, Twitter as well as print.  Should have color version and version to put over color background.

See logo and website here: www.wealthengage.com

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  • @eddy1 Hello please see entries #77 #78 #79 thanks
  • This is my logo design concept for WealthEngage. The logo consists of two elements: 1) the letter "W" and 2) a "hand" located in the middle of the letter W. The combination of these two elements is that WealthEngage is very open and is happy to serve customers with professionalism and guaranteed quality. #55
  • Hello WealthEngage,
    Here is my decision. It can be used in color or black and white version.
    My idea is the W letter, over E, to provoke association with the crown - like a symbol of wealth.
    Hope You'll like it.
    Regards. #54
  • Dear Sir
    please check it. hope you like. Thanks #25
  • Your feedback is very important , thank you #12
  • hello sir
    . this is my first shipment ... please check and give me your response ... thanks #11