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Winning design #57 by MES, Icon Design for www.chillout.deals Contest
Gold Medal

designed by MES

Project description

We are developing a iOS mobile application in the field of digital coupon. We are connecting directly merchants like restaurants, fine dining, spas, entertainment parks, dental clinics, etc with our subscribers. Basically, our merchants will be able to create their offers, uploading pictures of their venue, change their settings, etc.., directly into the app through our dashboard. We do not deal with retail goods but only in the service sector.  The UX has been designed to explore a city with a map (like Zillow), find a place and enjoy a discount. Our users will get two types of deals. The daily deal, spontaneous deal valid up to 2 month and yearly deals valid for 12mth. Each of our merchants will have to offer at least 1 yearly deal to be part of our program. Our dominant color is orange as it is a dynamic color and mainly use in the deal/discount industry. Could provide app screen

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  • congratulations, you have been selected as the gold winner of the contest.
    1) can you pls make an app icon of this sidecar ?
    2) as agreed, make a logo of an old airplane
    3) app icon of the old airplane.

  • Excellent logo, thanks.
    We have received very nice logo with the old airplane. Could you design an airplane logo keeping the same thematic, color mixed, speed effect, etc..
    Pls also keep in mind that we are looking for an app Icon.
    Damiem #57
    • MES

      About #57, @damien_krauser thank you for the ratings. I will work the old airplane and send it tomorrow. thanks again

    • MES

      About #57, @damien_krauser if you choose a winner you have 7 days to request the designer changes in the design.

    • @MES My partner and I will rate the contest later today. We have really liked your sidecar and you have the highest score on the contest. You are talented :) Don t forget that the logo must also be an app Icon, which is a reminder of the main logo. If you wine the contest, we will work on both, the sidecar and the old airplane and we will reduce it to the level of a push notification icon.

    • MES

      @damien_krauser okay ma'am /sir . thank you in advance :)

  • small one
  • hope you like it #61
  • MES
    @damien_krauser hello #57 what do you think?
  • Please see the design #55
  • Dear Sir, as requested, smaller and I made a white background for more clarity. Thank you for feedback. #54
  • Dear Sir, the design is incorporated with sidecar + deals/discount tag + location pin (represents exploration) #52
  • another concept #50
  • Pls feedback !!! #49
  • Hi sir , perfect sidecar logo for your business..I hope you like this...Pls provide feedback for any changes !!!! #48
  • my inspiration 2 :) #47
  • i hope you love it :)

    Rawk design #45
  • Logo concept. #44
  • @damien_krauser #42
  • @damien_krauser What do you think? #41
  • tks, I like the sidecar. Can you please make it small.
  • Hi sir, let me know your valuable feedback...Thanks for great contest !!! #36
  • This is my first draft with a side car, hope you like it. #32
  • @damien_krauser , sorry for the confusion CH . but here you go . hope you like it #19