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Winning design #54 by Sue_S, Illustration Design for Butterfly Children Race Medal Design Contest
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designed by Sue_S

Project description

Similar to our past contests, we are looking for an ORIGINAL design that we can convert into a race medal for an upcoming VirtualStrides.com event. You can see our past designs here:


This design is for an event to benefit children with Epidermolysis Bullosa. "EB" is a terrible skin disease and children with the disease are sometimes called butterfly children, because their skin is as fragile as a butterfly's wings, but they are very strong on the inside.

For this design, we want a spectacular, beautiful butterfly. I am not going to give any more specifics than that, because I do not want to limit your creativity.

*** PLEASE REMEMBER: Because we are converting this into a physical, hand-painted product, it is important that you use solids colors. We do not have the ability to "fade" colors or add shadowing. Each area of the design needs to be a solid color. ***

We look forward to seeing what you come up with.


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  • Here is another colour combination...trying to keep it genre generic. #47
    • @TorontoBound We like this one. Thanks.

    • @VirtualStrides I think I started the rainbow trend! LOL Maybe I should have stuck to flowers but I didn't want it too girly...I'm assuming that boys will enter of course. We'll, all the best to you...the other entries look great. Cheers.

  • I can't figure out why so many designs have rainbows.... LOL. #56
  • Straight on view of medal, colors as always are editable. Designed in Cinema 4D. #41
    • @Mantori This is a really neat looking medal. Unfortunately, I am not sure that our manufacturer could make something with 3D layers like this. I am going to find out.

    • The 3D levels does not have to protrude as much one could allways have them much flatter. I could redo that and post it for you.@VirtualStrides

  • Thanks you for the entries. This is a nice butterfly, but we do not particularly like the hands as part of the medal. Thank you for the submission though. #37
  • Hi! How are you? Here is my first design for this project. Let me know what you think!
    Magalí Torres
    • @MAPLEPRODUCCIONES Hello, thank you for the submission. I am sorry we didn't have time to provide feedback before the contest ended. We can not do fades and the bottom area, while cool, is a bit more complex than we are looking for. Thanks.

  • Last entry...time's almost up. You have some great designs to chose from. Wishing you the best of luck, cheers. :) #57
  • Feel free to ask for any changes. Please rate and comment. Thanks! #56
  • 3D view of medal design. #40
  • i've change the color, i make the butterfly look brighter than the background because the main focus is the butterfly, right??
    so, i hope you like this, but if you want to look other pattern color please tell me... thanks #35
  • original #34
  • Thank for the entry, but this is not the look we are going for. I'm not sure why so many of these entries have rainbows and text in them... We'd prefer to not have either. #30
  • Thank you for the entry, but this is not the look we are going for. #26
  • How about this one? #31
  • This is an original designed logo. Any requests are welcome! Thank you! #30
  • how about this?? #29
  • I like having multiple colors, but not a full rainbow - maybe a color combination more realistic to a real butterfly? I also don't think the child's face or the text (from your other submission)are necessary, so feel free to lose that and make the antennas more "normal" instead of shaped how they are. #25
  • Neat, but I don't think this is what we are looking for. Thanks. #24
  • How about this one? #25
  • hi, this is my first design in this contest. i need your feedback about this design so i can make better design.
    thanks, regards #24
  • We could prefer to not have any text on the medal, and I don't really like the rainbow either. Ideally, we just want a nice butterfly. #20