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Golf cart and bicycle rental business in small beach town... thinking cartoonish cart (beige in color) seemingly moving forward on beach, slight blue water off sand, with a “fanning” orange yellow sunset (maybe outlined with white—think of a “turkey tail-fan” look,, also sort of cartoonish look

C. C, RYDER in “bubbling” thick script,,, incorporating C.C. As wheels of golf cart (?)
with the word Rentals under C.C. RYDER in a font that is thicker in ink at top of letter, fading ink at bottom of letter(?)

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  • Dear smittypwh,

    Here is C.C. Ryder Rental Artwork as per your request . this artwork say all story about your bussiness. It is colourful and definitely grab the attention of the visitor who visit that beach and help you to get more bussiness. #16
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    I hop you are will please find the attachment and if you wont any change please let me know
    thank you #13
  • Hi there
    how are you i hop your will please find the attachment and if you wont any change please let me know
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  • Designers...Stop posting your email address. If the contestholder has image to show then it can be uploaded tot he contest

    Thank you
  • Can you please post the drawing to the brief?
  • Can you show your reference design for this illustration ? Thank you
    • @yedija_sinaga I can send pic of sunset “fan” and a quick drawing of entire design, can I get your cell number or email and I’ll send???

    • @yedija_sinaga I’ll send pic in morning, it’s 9:30 pm here on east coast, belly full and sleepy!!! Thank you

    • @smittypwh Sure, no problem.

    • @yedija_sinaga morning, did you receive my drawing and example pic? I sent to yedija.sinaga@gmail.com,, just my phone not showing that I sent

    • @smittypwh i am sorry, i am not receive your email. Maybe you can try again. I also check spam folder but its not showing.

  • wants to know the size?
    (Horizontal or vertical)

    what's the purpose?
    poster, banner
    • @hasith2010 logo on t shirts bout the size of basketball, also for 4’x 3’ sign, i can shoot u a quick drawing of what I’m after??? Can I get cell or email address??

    • @smittypwh Hi there This is Admin Sharie Please upload the image to the contest, if you need help email it to me to upload shariev@designcontest.com Thank you