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Winning design #194 by olgert, Illustration Design for Card (template) Design for Card Game Contest
Gold Medal

designed by olgert

Project description

I need someone to help me design a card template (for an educational card game about animals). This template will look the same for all the 32 cards.  

I have made some designs (see attached file where you can see the old design (LION CARD) and some other proposals. 

The Card Template should look 1) CLEAN, 2) HIGH END, 3) NOT CHILDISH, more CLASSY

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  • Please check this... #217
  • HI
    THANKS #216
  • Hi Good Evening
    Kindly Give to suggestion
    Thanks. #215
    I Submit to my design kindly give to Your suggestion
    Thanks #214
  • Hi...I have made clean design for the card...hope you like it..thanks #210
  • О дизайне #206, @olgert/ Correction
  • Hi! This is my revised design from previous submission. Instead place the map by region, I put the whole map to avoid "unfinished look". Again, I keep everything simple and avoid unnecessary shapes, box or color. Anything please let me know. Thanks! #202
  • Hi! What I'm try to do with this design was to keep things simple and to avoid the "cheap" look. Black and gold color combo were synonym with something with class and high end, that's why I pick those color. I try to highlight the animal and make the background blurry and darker only to focus to the animal itself. For the data, I make it more centralized to keep things simple and in order.

    If something I want to change, it's the map visualization. I think I can make something more less "pop" to keep the animal as the dominant part of the card.

    I truly enjoy making this, and thank you for the opportunity! #201
  • Dear CH,
    I have submitted a Card Design for your review. Looking forward to your feedback for my submission.
    Any suggestions would be helpful in finding the perfect design for you.
    Thanks. #198
  • new design...thanks #195
  • This is a beauty full Animal card Design #192
  • "Clean with outline" and the picture as the king #191
  • "CLEAN" and Picture as the king! #190
  • With this, i make more space for animal image by overlapping it with the Name Bar. But, i keep the map for full view by removing icons. This way we also can make even more vertical space for animal image and larger numbers for size, speed, etc. I know you like the icons, but i if you want to push the image to be larger, that's the way to do it.

    And for the QR, i've run the test and it works 100% even on the monitor screen. QR i used for all of my design are usable linked to this competition, so you can run the test by yourself.

    Please your feedback. Thank you. #184
  • With this, I try to make animal image to be larger by eliminating some space for margins as you stated before.
    And to make it even larger, i need to treat the map like my design from #161. The problem around here is anything you want to be larger, i need to adjust to make something else to be smaller (in this case, the map). I also try another approach by my next submission. thank you. #183
  • The map is fantastic but I would get rid of some of the left and right part of the map that only shows the ocean. I would cut the map close to the Alaska border (left) and the Russian border (right) #164
    • @hansbergman1237 Thank you for your feedback. I'm working on it, i will submit the revision soon.

  • Sorry i need to report you @bykrss14 for blatantly copy my design submissions for this contest. Please respect other designers and yourself by not copying too much from 1 or 2 designs, especially from the same person, in this case my designs.
  • this is my second card design, I observed your wishes in the comments column of this design contest, the conclusion I got was 1) the image is the main point, 2) the map is not too big 3) the barcode is not too big 4) uses a color hierarchy and layout , 5) clean, classy, ​​high end, and not childish.

    based on my observation, this is the right design for you, where your target audience is adult humans (also older people; grandparents with bad eyesight) by changing the color of the data text to white

    I hope you like it :) #182
  • I would get rid of some of the LEFT margin here AND make the PHOTO as large as possible. The photo of the animal should be the MOST IMPORTANT! #164
  • Two comments about this QR Code and Text: 1) Do you think the QR Code is big enough? Perhaps it needs to be larger? 2) I think you can make the text underneath the QR code LARGER. You can save space by getting rid of the little Triangle (arrow). SUPER JOB! #164